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How to choose the right third-party company for your process innovation?

If you want to take your process innovation to the next level – you can choose one of two ways to do it: either in-house or outsourcing. But since an in-house IT department is often too busy to handle all initiatives, working with a third-party company may be the most optimal (and even inevitable) solution. From our perspective, there are three main reasons why engaging an experienced third-party company in the innovation process is one of the best decisions you can make. 
Startup Development House
17 January 2020


What is Quality Assurance in IT?

Have you ever gotten stuck in the process of signing into an electric scooter rental app because of some strange error message or got frustrated with extremely weak UX of a tax form? Or maybe you realized you have trouble making a purchase on a device that was supposed to support the online store. That’s when you experience bad quality assurance in IT. And when do you meet proper one? E.g. this perfectionist company’s website you’re reading this blog on, where every detail is precisely aligned and optimized for all mainstream devices.
Tomasz Olszewski
13 January 2020


Technical product manager vs. product manager

Even though it depends on the company, product and specific role, we need to keep in mind that the Product Manager role is more than just about “being technical” and you can find a mix of skills and knowledge required in the product management job description. Undoubtedly, the technical background can help product managers enormously in their careers. So, what are the benefits of being a technical product manager?
Startup Development House
08 January 2020

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