How to find product-market fit?

There’s an old saying, that the life of any product can be divided into two parts — before product-market fit and after PMF. This article will help you during the first part, while the following one will present some insights for the second part. ...
Startup Development House
21 January 2020

How to choose the right third-party company for your...

If you want to take your process innovation to the next level – you can choose one of two ways to do it: either in-house or outsourcing. But since an in-house IT department is often too busy to han...
Startup Development House
17 January 2020

What is Quality Assurance in IT?

Have you ever gotten stuck in the process of signing into an electric scooter rental app because of some strange error message or got frustrated with extremely weak UX of a tax form? Or maybe you r...
Startup Development House
13 January 2020

Technical product manager vs. product manager

Even though it depends on the company, product and specific role, we need to keep in mind that the Product Manager role is more than just about “being technical” and you can find a mix of skills an...
Startup Development House
08 January 2020

14 accessibility hacks to make your users’ day better

We’ve all been there. Does your app really need accessibility? Will anyone actually appreciate the effort, or is it just a thankless chore? How many users of your app will have disabilities anyway?
Maciek Kozłowski
02 December 2019

How to do user testing in 3 simple steps

User testing is one of the most critical parts of the IT development process. During this phase, you have a small, yet representative group of your target customers test your prototype, feature, or...
Startup Development House
12 November 2019
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5 ½ Recruitment Tips

We all know recruitment processes can be... tricky, to say the least. Even for some of you ‘Coding Ninjas’, ‘Rockstar Developers’ and other ‘magical creatures’, who get flooded with offers and mess...
Sandra Morgan
23 September 2019

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10 Books to read if you run a Startup

We know the startup world is still a mystery for many people. The lack of knowledge might create fear or uncertainty, and for that, reading is one way to learn about it. We want to offer you a list...
Emma Revert
07 February 2019

What makes a great founder?

What is the key in order to launch a successful startup? A great founder that “makes things happen”. He or she is the one that influences the company’s culture and its image the most. But what make...
Mikołaj Tyszkiewicz
30 April 2019