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StartupMatcher first came to us with their first major web redesign project. They wanted their site to work well across all the devices, so making the site responsive was a top priority. The neat design defines the revitalised StartupMatcher website, offering clarity and a strong sense of a brand character. StartupMatcher target audience has high expectations regarding the visual design, so an outstanding aesthetic was a paramount. Our developers were responsible for the new design implementation, code refactoring and version updates focusing on adding the necessary functionalities. The closing step of the project was a roll out of the final update encompassing all the client’s requirements.

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Thomas Sveum CEO, Startupmatcher

Working with Startup Development House is like having an in-house team of dedicated developers, but at the fraction of the price. They understand what it means to be a startup company by being responsive and able to adapt quickly to the changing environment. Development House team is flexible, communicates clearly, works hard, and most importantly, their goals are aligned with client objectives.


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