How can a monorepo help you build a scalable project more efficiently?

There are a few ways to handle multiple packages used to create one project. The multirepo model assumes that the packages are located in different code repositories. Monorepo is a single repository that contains and handles different packages. Du...
Aleksandra Borowska
02 March 2021
4 min read

How to use Early Adopters to create a better product?

It’s no surprise that the number one reason for startups failing is not solving an existing market problem. Identifying real users’ pains is crucial when creating a new product. Product Discovery i...
Marta Przyłęcka
23 February 2021
3 min read

How we work as a team to create the best products po...

Innovation never happens alone. Synchronized teams create the best products, and the most effective way to teamwork is, of course, through workshops. We're following these guidelines when developin...
Marta Przyłęcka
11 February 2021
4 min read

Event-driven architecture: all you need to know

There are a lot of ways for services to communicate with each other. You could use REST API, GraphQL, SOAP, or even share databases. They all have their pros and cons (especially the last one), and...
Mateusz Wierzbicki
29 January 2021
5 min read

4 reasons to use Chakra UI in your next project

ChakraUI’s homepage states that it's a simple, modular, and accessible component library to let you build React apps with speed. After delivering a few projects where we used Chakra, I can agree wi...
Mateusz Wójcik
19 January 2021
4 min read

Does a software tester need to know to code?

What skills does a software tester need? People who want to start working as a software tester often wonder what set of skills or features characterizes a good tester and whether it is a suitable j...
Magdalena Śledź
04 January 2021
4 min read

Automated tests for your business clients

If you’ve spent time on a project, you know that Testers and Quality Engineers are an invaluable asset. Chances are you’re also familiar with what are automated tests. But perhaps you’re still not ...
Aneta Pałczyńska
08 December 2020
4 min read

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