How to set up a project with Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL and GraphQL

Setting up a project with Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL and GraphQL is actually pretty straightforward. But first, some prerequisites. For this tutorial (tested on versions 2.7.3, and 11.0 respectively), you must have all three, Ruby on Rai...
Anna Dydio
24 September 2021
5 min read

PMO: Statistics, Benefits and the Changing Dynamics ...

New tools, templates and techniques. New software, new systems. As more systemized project management office (PMO) systems are adopted, so is the PM landscape changing. And as a result, many entren...
David Adamick
17 September 2021
6 min read

What is a Software Development House?

A software development house is a business that provides digital products and services to fulfil a client's software product and/or project requirements. These requirements will vary according to m...
Filip Stopa
08 September 2021
6 min read

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS: what's the difference & how to ...

If your head is in the cloud then it's likely you'll recognize the terms in this blog title, each with that double 'a' in the middle.  They refer, of course, to the three major cloud computing mode...
David Adamick
01 September 2021
9 min read
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Ways to make your business more sustainable

We are currently facing one of humanity's biggest challenges - a climate crisis. It is real, and how seriously it develops is something that continues to concern us. We also wonder what we might do...
Aneta Pałczyńska
27 August 2021
6 min read

Ways to Build Authorization for Secure APIs

When building an API, sooner or later you’ll have to secure it with some kind of authentication schema. There are many industry-standard solutions available - JWTs, sessions, OpenID... Then, aft...
Maciej Łyskawiński
18 August 2021
6 min read

What is Google Dialogflow?

We are undoubtedly witnessing significant growth in software services designed for helping businesses increase the ease with which their clients access them. More and more, companies both big and s...
Kasia Pryczek
11 August 2021
9 min read

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14 accessibility hacks to make your users’ day better

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