What almost a decade of development in Ruby on Rails taught me about quick prototyping

Millions of mobile and web applications are created every year, with only a small percentage of them ultimately succeeding. Quick prototyping is more crucial than ever, not only for creating new services but also for deciding which directions to f...
Adrian Nowak
01 July 2020

How to conduct remote user testing?

No matter how well thought your product is, users will always surprise you. That’s why it's essential to get their opinion before you spend a lot of money on your product development. It will avoid...
Kasia Radziejewska
24 June 2020

React.js: why choose it for your startup in 2020?

For the past ten years, the front-end ecosystem has been changing rapidly. It has brought a lot of improvements to the tooling and the overall developer experience. However, the number of tools ava...
Marcin Wojtczak
18 June 2020

Remote Product Discovery Workshop

Innovation never happens alone. Synchronized teams create the best products, and the most effective way to teamwork is, of course, through workshops. We're following these rules when developing pro...
Weronika Kościelniak
16 June 2020

Where do software bugs come from?

Software bugs (or defects) are pretty much as old as the software itself. With modern software getting more and more complex, the projects are not only richer in features, but also more prone to bu...
Łukasz Kołpak
09 June 2020

How can error tracking and application monitoring sa...

Discovering, tracking, and reporting errors in code is essential at every stage of your application's life cycle. It's especially true when software grows, integrates with other services, and gets ...
Jan Grela
04 June 2020

What is story mapping and how to do it remotely?

A significant concern for every Project Manager and Product Owner is the project scope. Too broad, and it becomes general. Too detailed, and it's a waste of time. There is no right or wrong answer ...
Piotr Janecki & Anna Sternicka
02 June 2020

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How to do user testing in 3 simple steps

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