Remote Design Sprint 101

Now more than ever, being able to work with clients remotely is essential. At Startup House, we are experienced in working with clients from all over the world, and we have conducted multiple remote Design Sprints even before the pandemic. In this...
Filip Wilczek & Kasia Radziejewska
28 May 2020
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The importance of mental health when working from home

2020 has been, so far, a challenging year for many. The last two months have been the hardest for professionals throughout the world. One day you were sitting comfortably in an office chair. The ne...
Aneta Pałczyńska
26 May 2020

Testing an application on a deadline — assuring qual...

“You have to create this application in the next 14 days”, a client told us during one of our recent projects. It might sound like an impossible mission but not for a well-organized team. The appli...
Arkadiusz Jelonek
21 May 2020

Cost-optimization with Google Cloud Operations (Stac...

If your applications run on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), you've probably already searched for ways to optimize the costs your app generates. You may have looked for opportunities to scale your apps...
Kasia Pryczek
19 May 2020
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A Quality Engineer’s Home Headquarters: Come on in!

Given the current situation, we have seen an increase in remote work for a variety of trades and jobs. For most people working in tech, this new reality didn’t change a thing. Yet, some tech worker...
Aneta Pałczyńska
14 May 2020

2020 Tech Stack: GraphQL Apollo server with React.js

Since 2000, RESTful principles have been the industry standard for building web APIs. While REST solved many problems that previous protocols could not, it has flaws. In modern applications, the da...
Wojciech Cichoradzki
12 May 2020

Product Designer’s role in the Product Life-Cycle

Looking at it historically, just a few years ago we did not have a UX/UI differentiation. Everyone would be responsible for everything. It was just Design. You were a Designer and everything it ent...
Damian Denis
06 May 2020

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What are the reasons why users leave your app?

Most app developers have to face the same problem: users leave their apps. Some of them even after only a single use! You may think that there is no reason for people to stop using your app. Let me...
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