7 Effective ways to promote your product

Emma Revert
16 May 2019

You had a great idea and your services are ready to sell on your website, but you don't have the time or somebody in charge of marketing? Do you think all the websites launched to market make it? There are many reasons for it to fail, but you should focus on what reasons could make it succeed. Let me introduce you some inspo. In a digitally connected world, a good practice for websites is promotion. And what do I mean by promotion? Getting traffic to your website and encouraging customers to buy your services.

Free promotion is also a thing...


There are many effective ways to promote your site and services without spending a single penny. The great expert, Neil Patel, advises us that websites that have a blog receive 97% more inbound links. You can write about what you do and explain why your customers need your product, and all for free!

(Note: Do not forget to include internal and external links.)

But this is too easy, right? You can then share your articles in all your Social Media profiles (use #, you will reach more people), and it only takes a witty copy to make it attractive.


Now think about something. Do you always feel like reading a long and boring blog post? Neither do your site visitors. But I have the solution! You can promote your product with a free Guide or infographic with a nice and attractive design. Share it in exchange for emails (trust me you will need them for later options), or include it inside a short blog post note. Sounds good?

Influencers are a thing

Forbes announced that the influencers market could be worth $10 billion by 2020. So make use of it! Contact influencers in your field and offer them a free trial. If they like it, they will share it with their thousands and even millions of followers, and that will probably make you the king of traffic. Be cool in the school!

Email marketing (it lays in the middle of free and paid)

I told you above you would need emails from users later on and now is the moment to use them. This practice refers to those emails you usually ignore, form brands you don't even remember you subscribed to. But if you know how to play it, you can get results. Start using free trials on platforms like Mailchimp or Woodpecker and upgrade when necessary.

Let me give you something on the sly:

  • Personalize them

  • Use a nice design, investing some time on it is worth it (responsive design is also a must)

  • Use a clear CTA that drives them to your goal

  • Be clear, specific and keep it short (again, reading a lot won't happen)

  • Offer them an incentive to use your services/product (how about discounts or free consultations?)

Organic posts on SM profiles

Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook... You have many profiles to choose from, or just use them all. Follow people that might like your products, engage with them, use related hashtags and wait for the magic to happen.

And the secret weapon

Product Hunt is still a secret to some marketers, but you made the right choice starting to read this article. This platform allows you to launch your product for free (usually apps and software). All you need is a catchy tagline and name, nice graphics (animations work better) and the maker's comment. Oh! And do not forget to post at 12:01 am PST. Then, let the algorithm work and get you to the first page.

You can check our first project in Product Hunt here.

... But you might need paid promotion

Let's be quick about advertising, we will have more articles on the topic soon.

Ads, but where?

Facebook is the right site to advertise if you are starting. Build a page and promote it to get likes (the more likes the more trustworthy). Once you have a solid base, start promoting your products/services. The difficult part, and I can tell you that after many campaigns, is to reach the correct audience. Target people that might be interested in it, think about the location too and take a short course on how to create Facebook Ads, it will help you start.

And Instagram. It is deffo necessary these days. It will keep you near your followers, you can show what you do on a daily basis and stories are so fun! Use promotion: it is cheaper, and results are assured.

Once you have a solid base, and some time, move to Linkedin. Follow the same process there: page + Followers + post promotions.

And finally, the great master, Google. Use Google Ads to drive traffic to your site, there is not a more specific way to do it. Use a link, a great and short description, a CTA, adequate keywords and as a plus, extensions to other parts of your site.

And what should I advertise?

Do you know you can get leads on Facebook and Linkedin Ads? This is important if you run a B2B business. You will get potential clients and a solid list of emails (remember there's email marketing). So offer a free consultation in exchange for the lead, or simply tell about your services and set a business meeting.

Try not to sound desperate, show what you do and don't be too salesy. Graphics, catchy slogans and funny animations should be enough. Don't forget to always include your logo, you are trying to build a brand.

It might seem too obvious, but effective promotion activities are not always so evident. I hope the article was helpful enough to enlighten you. Let us know what are your thoughts and share with us your practices.

Don't forget to check our services, if you had a great idea and you need to start building it! 

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