Startup Development House is now a certified Google Cloud Partner!

Startup Development House
14 February 2020
1 min read

We are happy to announce that Startup Development House is now recognized as a Certified Google Cloud Partner!

We are now a part of the directory of companies which have “proven technical mastery” and “demonstrated customer success using Google Cloud”. 

This achievement is a result of us meeting both business and technology criteria, such as proven product integrations in GCP.

What is Google Cloud Partner program?

It is a program helping businesses find trusted fully-vetted development partners helping them to support and extend what is possible in the cloud. 

How can our Clients benefit from this?

As a Google Cloud Partner we have gained technical support and exclusive access to technical workshops, trainings and events. We can deliver greater business results to our Clients by accelerating their projects in the cloud.


Want to start a project in GCP? Contact us to discuss our Google Cloud services: 


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