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Startup Development House
01 December 2022
1 min read

Recently we can observe the launch of many startups categorized as impact startups, greentech startups, sustainability startups or social entrepreneurship startups. What links those variously categorized companies is the idea of creating measurable positive change, relevant to its category title while building a profitable business at the same time.

What is an impact startup

Impact startups as the name suggests are focused on providing meaningful impact by improving the lives of large groups of people. Their products or services aim to solve major societal issues. Impact startups usually do so by creating new services or product categories never seen before.

The mission of such startups is often meeting higher needs some groups of people may have or fulfill needs of those who are underserved. However in the case of greentech companies its mission targets humankind as a whole, as improving environmental conditions affects all of us.

At Startup House we’ve worked with startups like those e.g. CHOOOSE - a carbon footprint tracking tool or Leid - e-commerce rental service that allows users to rent renovating equipment instead of buying them.

Possible impacts

The general idea of creating positive impact may come in different ways, here are a few examples:

  • Reduce poverty

  • Help children succeed in school

  • Reduce usage of fossil fuels

  • Decrease microplastics pollution

  • Challenge ageism

  • Make neighborhoods safer

As you can see, impact startups cover a wide area of subjects and societal, environmental issues.

How to measure the impact?

To accurately generate positive impact it is crucial for startup creators to map those impacts and correlate them with assumptions of change their organizations wish to bring to the world.

We at Startup House want to help startups with that. Our experts prepared a tool which can be helpful in the process. Impact Canva allows you to map your impact including:

  • Linking activities with  Sustainable Development Goals

  • Theory of Change - logical model connecting particular outputs and outcomes with impact

  • Assessment of operational impact

If you want to create a startup that focuses on environmental or social problems, this canva will help you to form a vision of how you want to operate and show you how to avoid possible negative impacts. And if you already are an established startup owner it will help you to maximize positive impact.

Get our Impact Canva here:


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