React Native: a battle-tested framework for your mobile app

Ewa Rutczyńska-Jamróz
07 September 2022
7 min read

We’re passionate about creating digital products. We believe that we are successful at what we do because we focus on investigating true market needs, open cooperation with our clients, and choosing the right people and tools for the job. And when it comes to mobile app development, React Native developers are our first choice. 

Why do we choose React Native over other frameworks? What benefits does it bring? Why is it worth considering React Native outsourcing? 

“Learn by doing” is our motto. We would not be aware of the advantages of React Native if we had not tried other technologies. Before we set to building any new mobile app, we ensure a full examination of all relevant factors so that the right tools are selected for the job. These factors will typically include:

  • What is the business goal?

  • Who is the target audience?

  • What are the scaling expectations?

  • In what app stores it will be available?

  • What are the expectations concerning performance, responsiveness and storage limitations?

Still, after delivering more than 70 digital projects, our conviction that React Native is No 1 for mobile app development remains firm.  And this conviction is why we have become so expert this framework and therefore the most preferred React Native outsourcing partner for our clients. 

React Native in a nutshell

React Native is a framework for building Android and iOS applications. It combines what’s best in native development with React and JavaScript library that allows building user interfaces. 

React Native addresses the biggest challenge in creating native mobile apps. Before its introduction, developers had to write two separate code bases for iOS and Android. The available solutions then were problematic owing to performance issues and a lack of access to native functionality. With React Native, developers can now write React components in JavaScript and then compiled them into the native code. Their job (and life) has since been made much easier. 

React Native is flexible enough to provide a way to code user interfaces on all major platforms using the same principles. Its main maxim is “Learn once, write anywhere“. This lets a developer use a single programming language for an entire project, which means a similar tooling for backend and frontend needs that makes for easy code reuse between platforms. It also gives the option to apply UX specifics to the platform if needed. 

React Native was originally developed by Facebook, and for its own use. Facebook, Instagram, and Skype are just a few of the universally recognized React Native mobile apps today, and you can find more examples here, including both well-established Fortune 500 companies and promising startups.

According to Stackoverflow survey results from 2022, React continues to be the most sought-after framework, and has been for the last 5 years. We’d like to think of this as yet another endorsement of Startup House’s prowess in mobile app development.

Meet our team

Why use React Native in mobile app development? 

Of course, there are a great many reasons for why React Native wins the hearts of mobile app developers on a global scale. But perhaps the most prominent reason is simply that RN quickens the development process, making everyone’s life easier. It’s certainly why we value it so much.

Simple and flexible 

React Native provides best practices in building applications from the web to the native mobile environment. It allows using only one codebase for two main platforms — iOS and Android – which accelerates the development process. It also lets you to switch to a fully native solution if needed.

Scalable and developer-friendly

React Native’s declarative and component-based approach also makes it perfect for designing more complex front-end applications. It allows starting with creating small building blocks, which are then used to make the larger ones. 

All you need in one tool

 By using React Native, you need not worry that the framework may be limiting application functions. It has a huge ecosystem, with tools and additional libraries for any occasion. When you want to do something, you can be sure that React Native has ready solutions for you to apply.  

Less is more

 Using React Native makes it possible to use a single programming language an entire project. That’s why there’s no longer need for separate Android and iOS developers. Thus, the one-language-one-developer approach means the running of any project is done far more efficiently in terms of time and money.

 So why do we love developing mobile apps in React Native? It empowers us to build robust and purely native-looking applications for our clients. And what’s more, it accelerates time to market, benefits code stability, guarantees the highest performance, and shortens compilations time. All this increases the chances of a project's success.

React Native outsourcing partner 

 So, let’s say we’ve won you over with using  React Native for your future mobile app development. Now you’ll probably be wondering where you can find React Native developers. 

 Although React Native has been around long enough for there to be developers specializing in the framework, we still advise that they are not so numerous on the ground. It’s a fairly common issue in the IT labor market, in fact, and one that can be compounded by costly recruitment processes.  

 But we fully understand this challenge, which is why we’ve found a solution for our clients: React Native outsourcing. Our considerable experience in IT markets has given us access to some of the most highly skilled React Native developers around, and we’re keen to share this access. 

 Over the last few years, we've created an excellent environment and workflows for fast and efficient development. We encourage our React Native developers' growth by focusing on both hard and soft skills. We’ve also built a talent management program and invested in constant mentoring. By choosing our React Native agency, you get the best people for the job and ones who will be 100% focused on realizing the full potential of your mobile app. 

 There’s no doubt that one of the best ways to kickstart a business is through developing a mobile app. So, if you’re looking for a React Native outsourcing partner, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our React Native development team is ready when you are. 


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