Startup Development House stands with Ukraine

Ewa Rutczyńska-Jamróz
04 March 2022
2 min read

Finding the right words to express our feelings about the situation in Ukraine right now is difficult, but we can say one for sure - we can’t be indifferent. We stand to help. Poland, as a member of NATO and the European Union, joins political forces with Western Europe and the United States to aid Ukraine in remaining an independent nation. But what response to the current crisis has the tech world? And what can we, as Startup Development House, and other tech companies provide? 

In this article, we wish to illustrate, from the perspective of the tech world, our company, and human beings, what contributions can be made during this time of crisis. 

How the tech community can support Ukraine 


In the globalized world, war is not just taking place at the front. The Internet is also a battlefield, with many tech companies determined to play a key role in the information war now underway.

And one crucial imperative for tech companies is the fight against propaganda and disinformation.

The tech community is focused on monitoring false information circulating on the Internet and on providing society with both reliable knowledge and the resources for dealing with what is a deluge of disinformation. Typically, this will mean implementing information verification initiatives, algorithm adjustments for finding reliable info and blocking those news websites that are deemed unreliable. 

To avoid exposure to disinformation, firstly it is worth relying on traditional and prestigious media or press agencies (e.g. Reuters, Associated Press), rather than on social media. Moreover, there are services that specialise in the verification of fake news, and it’s always a good habit to check them before you decide to share something via your channels. To name a few:


For freedom’s sake 

Support comes not only from tech giants. On the first day of the invasion of Ukraine, Anonymous announced on Twitter a cyberwar against the aggressor. Since then, the actions of an anonymous group of hackers have blocked access to many Russian government sites, including the Kremlin. A message from Anonymous to Vladimir Putin proves that this is just the beginning. 

How does Startup Development House support Ukraine?


As a part of the tech community, we’re determined to exploit all capabilities in support of Ukraine. This is why we’ve since joined Tech To The Rescue and their #TechForUkraine initiative

Tech to the Rescue is an organization that aims to unlock any tech resources that are limited in the social world by way of the pro-bono participation of tech partners. Its #TechForUkraine initiative is focused on digital solutions to help local and international NGOs deal with such challenges as:

  • improving cybersecurity

  • improving resource distribution

  • safe messaging


#TechForUkraine initiative is still open for applications from those of the tech community who want to make an impact. This can be done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Pledge then decide on how you wish to help (e.g. software development, consulting)

  2. Declare your tech preference and the type of project you’re willing to support

  3. Involve yourself in whichever project their matchmaking process assigns

Are you a tech entrepreneur? Show your solidarity by pledging your skills here:

Our community

As with most of the world, we’ve been gravely concerned by the news being reported from behind our eastern border. But we’ve also been mindful that response time would be crucial, so our first move was to replace anxiety with action through support for our employees, partners, and community, and to identify what forms of aid will be needed for continued support. 

Some of these include:

  • A supporting ecosystem of assistance with logistics, legislation, accommodation and transport

  • An imperative to support people directly affected by the war, prompting us to donate the action “SOS Ukraine” by the Polish Humanitarian Action

  • An internal channel on which all employees can familiarize themselves with and share legitimate voluntary initiatives

  • The use of our recruitment channels to emphasize that we’re open to hiring people from Ukraine 

We fully recognize this is just the beginning of a long-term process, it will be a marathon, not a sprint. In the meantime, we persevere in finding the most effective means for making a difference in the lives of those who now so desperately need it. 

What you can do

Although we may share differing situations and varying levels of resources, we can always find an outlet available through which to make a valuable contribution.

If you feel you’d like to make such a contribution, we strongly recommend the following:

We stand in solidarity with our brave neighbours in Ukraine, believing always in the power of community. Together, we accomplish more.

If you have any questions or wish to contribute to any of our efforts, feel free to contact us


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