Startup Scoop - Episode #1

Startup Development House
01 February 2022
1 min read

Welcome to the #StartupScoop - our new series and an overview of one of the most important and interesting news from the innovation and startup industry. 

Episode #1

🚀  Significant, record-shattering time for climate tech investment. 14% of VC dollars go to climate tech

👾  2021 was a year of Web3. Knowing that 1 in 150 Web3 companies become a unicorn, it might be worth taking a look at the most prosperous ones

📈  India proposes a 30% tax on crypto and NFTs income. Confusion among entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and the general public 

🌳  Looking to enhance your company’s social and environmental impact? These B Corp certified partners offer services and products with a purpose beyond profit 

💻  Framework, a startup that fixes consumer electronics, has just raised an $18M Series A round 

💸  Bill Gates invests in Verdox Inc.’ - a startup that innovates the process and captures carbon dioxide directly from the air 

📉  PayPal stock slumped 25% on Wednesday. What does it mean for startups?

👩🏻‍🎨  Canva, one of the favourite tools for visual communications, goes one step further. The acquisition of Flourish, a platform for data visualisation 

😴  Making mental healthcare more accessible. Justin Kim, a Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, launches his own startup

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