Startup Scoop - Episode #2

Startup Development House
18 February 2022
1 min read

Welcome to the second episode of #StartupScoop - our series and an overview of one of the most important and interesting news from the innovation and startup industry.   

🦄 Young companies worth more than $10bn. Learn more about kings of the startup world - decacorns

🐈‍⬛ Do you need a virtual vet? Here you go. Check out Dutch It has just raised $20 million in funding.

💻 Aleo raised @200M. Funds will be used to support developers in building applications within its private and scalable platform.

🌈 Investors are sceptical about the market that you operate in? Learn how to raise funding and get into survival mode.

🏡 More loans to the homeowners are available. London-based FinTech - Selina - raised $150M

💸 Grey offers global bank accounts for Africans, A FinTech from Nigeria is now backed by Y Combinator

🇳🇴 GroGro, Hjemmelegene, SemmeVei, Movi - these are just a few of top Norewgian startups to watch in 2022

🌱 Can cities be self-sufficient in their food production? InFarm makes it possible. European based startup now plans its expansion in the US

🏨 NUMA, hospitality Tech Platform, raises $45M fueled by strong performance despite Pandemic

🧐 Vivid - a startup that offers commission-free investments - raised $114M and plans to expand in Europe

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