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The ABCs of Constructive Feedback

You’ve probably heard much about the importance of ‘feedback’. But have you ever wondered what it is, exactly, and how you might share it so as to motivate others and help them grow?  Feedback is simply the critical information - positive or negative - we receive or give other people, our coworkers, supervisors of peers regarding their actions or behaviors.  But the purpose of feedback should not be to point out the flaws or mistakes of other people. Rather, it should motivate them, recognize areas for future development and encourage growth.  Effective feedback requires not only good communication skills but the provision of specific actions one can relate to. It also calls for appropriate timing and emotional intelligence on both sides.  Whether this is positive or constructive feedback, there are a few important rules worth pointing out for when you want to share valuable feedback with others. 
Justyna Hus
18 May 2022
4 min read

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Never Stop Learning: Go From React to React Native Pro

Are you a React Developer interested in broadening your skills? Are you looking for a development path you can combine with your day-to-day work? At SDH, we never turn down the chance to learn something new, which is why we’ve given our employees and candidates the opportunity to take part in the “From React to React Native” programme.
Paweł Pęcikiewicz
15 March 2022
1 min read

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Startup Development House stands with Ukraine

Finding the right words to express our feelings about the situation in Ukraine right now is difficult, but we can say one for sure - we can’t be indifferent. We stand to help. Poland, as a member of NATO and the European Union, joins political forces with Western Europe and the United States to aid Ukraine in remaining an independent nation. But what response to the current crisis has the tech world? And what can we, as Startup Development House, and other tech companies provide?  In this article, we wish to illustrate, from the perspective of the tech world, our company, and human beings, what contributions can be made during this time of crisis.
Ewa Rutczyńska-Jamróz
04 March 2022
2 min read