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A Glimpse of the Startup House Summer Company Party 2022

When you work for a remote-first company, the Summer Company Party is something you greatly anticipate the whole year through – and this year, it wasn’t any different. At the beginning of June, our 100+-strong team convened at the Narvil Hotel located near the Narwia river with clear purposes in mind: team bonding, recognizing one another beyond our screens, and above all, just spending quality time together to recharge social batteries for the coming months.
Jagoda Greczycho
29 September 2022
3 min read

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Startup Development House run tailor-made workshops for the InCredibles

Startup Development House runs tailor-made workshops for the InCredibles, a mentoring program established and promoted by Sebastian Kulczyk At Startup Development House we take as active a part in the startup ecosystem as possible. For us, sharing knowledge and experience via tailor-made workshops and mentoring is an ideal means of supporting tech entrepreneurs who are on their way to launching successful digital products. We were therefore delighted by the opportunity to organize and host workshops dedicated to the finalists of the start-up mentoring program, InCredibles. These workshops took place in April and focused on the end-user role in the business model.
Startup Development House
29 July 2022
5 min read

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The ABCs of Constructive Feedback

You’ve probably heard much about the importance of ‘feedback’. But have you ever wondered what it is, exactly, and how you might share it so as to motivate others and help them grow?  Feedback is simply the critical information - positive or negative - we receive or give other people, our coworkers, supervisors of peers regarding their actions or behaviors.  But the purpose of feedback should not be to point out the flaws or mistakes of other people. Rather, it should motivate them, recognize areas for future development and encourage growth.  Effective feedback requires not only good communication skills but the provision of specific actions one can relate to. It also calls for appropriate timing and emotional intelligence on both sides.  Whether this is positive or constructive feedback, there are a few important rules worth pointing out for when you want to share valuable feedback with others. 
Justyna Hus
18 May 2022
4 min read