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Product Designer’s role in the Product Life-Cycle

Looking at it historically, just a few years ago we did not have a UX/UI differentiation. Everyone would be responsible for everything. It was just Design. You were a Designer and everything it entails was expected from you: user experience, mobile, desktop, all the way through. There weren’t as many categories and subcategories as there are now. The name Product Designer was mostly related to people who design everyday objects — from glassware, jewellery, furniture, telephones to cars and other machines.
Damian Denis
06 May 2020
4 min read


The beginner's guide to the world of typography

Ever since Gutenberg put together metal types by hand, typography had been something seldom dealt with by people without a professional background. That has changed though with the dawn of the digital age. Today everyone has at least some degree of knowledge about typefaces — it can be something as simple as choosing font for work document in accordance with company guidelines or just making fun of Comic Sans — but it doesn’t change the fact that typography is still a subtle art that requires years of experience to be fully grasped.
Filip Wilczek
10 June 2019
8 min read


Weaponized Design: Dark Patterns in UX

In 2016 users of older version of Windows were displayed a pop-up recommending an update to Windows 10. What started as a benign offer, over time turned into something more sinister. As the meaning of close button was changed — from simply closing the window to actually initiating the operation — to force the upgrade upon the unsuspecting users. Unsurprisingly, it was met with substantial public backlash.
Filip Wilczek
01 March 2019
5 min read