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UX Statistics & Why Your Business Should Invest in Good User Experience

“What we’re seeing now is an experience [being] elevated to being an essential part of product strategy.” - Jesse James Garrett, leading American UX designer  Despite the ROI potential for website UX design investment averaging just under 10,000% (you read correctly), still, only 55% of online businesses bother to conduct any UX testing on their sites. In other words, they fail to give themselves this increasingly crucial commercial edge in what is an increasingly competitive online market. What's more, it’s all downhill from there: in total, businesses lose an estimated $2 billion every year owing to bad user experience. In fact, up to 70% outrightly fail as a result of this bad user experience. Shocking statistics, yes, but also ones no business need be part of, should it develop a little more awareness of and foresight into the importance of good UX design.  In the following analysis, we’ll go through some fascinating UX statistics for a closer look at this reality, both in general terms and in those of mobile devices.
David Adamick
11 February 2022
9 min read


What can a Senior Designer get from working with startups? - Filip Wilczek Q&A

What are the important factors to consider when planning a career in product design? How do you ensure consistency in skills development and stay creative? Today, we’d like to share with you some tips from our senior product designer, Filip Wilczek. With three years at SDH already behind him and dozens of projects delivered (mostly for Scandinavian and American startups), Filip remains fully motivated to learn and grow. Let’s dive into his approach.
Startup Development House
03 February 2022
6 min read


Product Designer’s role in the Product Life-Cycle

Looking at it historically, just a few years ago we did not have a UX/UI differentiation. Everyone would be responsible for everything. It was just Design. You were a Designer and everything it entails was expected from you: user experience, mobile, desktop, all the way through. There weren’t as many categories and subcategories as there are now. The name Product Designer was mostly related to people who design everyday objects — from glassware, jewellery, furniture, telephones to cars and other machines.
Damian Denis
06 May 2020
4 min read