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2020 Tech Stack: GraphQL Apollo server with React.js

Since 2000, RESTful principles have been the industry standard for building web APIs. While REST solved many problems that previous protocols could not, it has flaws. In modern applications, the data interconnects in complex relations which can create performance issues in product development. This is exactly what GraphQL aims at solving.
Wojciech Cichoradzki
12 May 2020
7 min read


How to streamline development on Heroku with review apps and pipelines

Heroku is a handy platform for deploying all kinds of web applications. Node.js, Ruby, Java, or Python are only a few notable technologies that can be set up on Heroku in just a few minutes. Although it could seem like focusing on simple processes restricts us from building more complex deployment structures, few people know of some useful Heroku features, targeted for advanced app pipelines.
Adrian Nowak
29 April 2020
5 min read


Gatsby.js and Next.js – which one to use?

So you want to create a new website for your company or a full-blown application and you are looking for the best tool for the job? If you’re a JavaScript Developer or you can hire one, these two toolkits will have you covered! Before we go into a more detailed comparison, I’d like to briefly introduce you to the basic concepts behind these solutions.
Marcin Wojtczak
22 April 2020
5 min read