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14 accessibility hacks to make your users’ day better

We’ve all been there. Does your app really need accessibility? Will anyone actually appreciate the effort, or is it just a thankless chore? How many users of your app will have disabilities anyway?
Maciek Kozłowski
02 December 2019
7 min read


Flutter vs React Native: Which one is better in 2019?

Does the comparison Flutter vs. React Native ring a bell? Don't know about Flutter yet? But for sure you know about React Native, right? Launched in 2017, Flutter is quite a new cross-platform development application that might win your heart, or not. While some developers have already risked to try it, others remain hesitant. Let's see the pros and cons of Flutter over the already well established React Native, in this never-ending war between Facebook and Google.
Kamil Regulski
15 January 2019
7 min read


Web technologies study: Our software frameworks preferences

If you know a little thing about us, our work is all about getting things done efficiently. We have been through many projects now, which means we have applied many technologies too. After our fair experience in the tech world working on development, we can present our thoughts on the current situation in the web technologies market and why we use them.
Rafał Szczech
13 December 2018
5 min read