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How to Track Memory Usage and Leaks in Node.js

For the Node.js engineer, memory leaks in an application can be a nightmare from which awakening isn't always as straightforward as crying out in the night. In fact, the longer these leaks go undetected, the longer the bad dream can drag on. This is to say that CPU, memory usage, load average and response time of an application with memory leak bugs will increase accordingly until the CPU reaches 100% of its capacity, after which the service will cease to respond. These are symptoms the developer may face when an application suffers a memory leak. Should you be such a developer, read on and find out how to address these symptoms and how you can monitor your memory usage and memory leaks in Node.js applications.
Dawid Pstrak
10 December 2021
5 min read


5 Easy Steps to an Effective Bug Bash

Finding bugs can be a draining experience, especially with limited resources and a small QA team. Increasingly, however, development teams are turning to the bug bash as a solution for streamlining this process, and as a means for gaining more confidence in the quality of their products.  In fact, even big corporations such as Microsoft regularly employ bug bashes throughout their product development lifecycles.
Valeriia Oliinyk
17 November 2021
6 min read


How to recruit a programmer

But let's get serious. As the IT industry's high-speed rate of expansion continues apace, so the demand for software developers that increases accordingly results in a growing shortage of programmers looking for work.[2] How to hire, then? Good question. Although any given company looking to hire a programmer will do what it can to attract the best talent, how can it verify whether or not a particular candidate will be a good fit for the organisation itself? I’ve spent a comparable amount of time on both sides of the mirror working as a front-end developer and IT recruiter, so in this article, I’ll try to answer this fundamental question and share any relevant opinions.  
Aleksandra Borowska
22 October 2021
6 min read