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Vue for React developers

Even though I work primarily in React, during my relatively short career as front-end developer I have sort of built myself a reputation as the guy who looks at other people funny when they want to include an additional 2KB library in a project to do a thing that could be accomplished just as well by clenching your teeth and actually writing a couple of lines of Javascript code yourself. I'm the "go lean" guy, or the "vanilla Javascript" guy or the "our build tools are too complicated, and we don't really need Angular of Electron to display: hello world" guy.  Indeed, I do believe that the essential skill of a React developer is to know when not to use it. Otherwise, you might find yourself trying to nail boards together with a microscope. So when I was allowed to try Vue, a front-end framework perceived as the lighter, leaner upstart, which is shaking the status quo of the Javascript world, I jumped in headfirst. Here are some things I've found out during my short affair with Vue as a React developer.
Maciek Kozłowski
12 August 2020
6 min read


Theme UI with Storybook: A great way to create a components library

Nowadays, there are a lot of possibilities for styling web applications. We can simply use the CSS, use the capabilities of preprocessors such as SASS, or even style our applications using JavaScript. The latter method, also called the CSS-in-JS methodology, has become a very popular option in recent years, especially in the React environment. Many libraries are using this method that helps developers maintain a collection of components. One of these libraries is Theme UI, which integrates well with popular React tools, such as Storybook.
Paweł Ochota
04 August 2020
7 min read


Front-end Testing: Static vs Unit vs Integration vs E2E

Front-end testing is a big part of development. The benefits of adding tests to our apps are clear, but it can be confusing. There are a lot of test types, and their definitions may vary depending on who you ask, the tools you use, and the ways we can test code. The internet provides a few examples of "roadmaps” for testing front-end, like the testing pyramid or the testing dorito. But the Testing Trophy by Kent C. Dodds is the one that caught my eye. Let’s go through each segment of this testing trophy and see its pros and cons.
Mateusz Wójcik
28 July 2020
5 min read