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Implementing foresight and techniques to monitor product design trends

In an ever-changing changing world, it seems crazy to assume that one can predict the future. Nonetheless, some methods can help you analyze the market and spot what will become the next hype. You can use product design trends to discover market niches and define new target groups. Including these new methods in the product discovery process can broaden your teams’ creative horizons, and ensure the better design of your start-up’s products and services. Get inspired by the techniques described below!
Marta Przyłęcka
03 December 2020
3 min read


Remote Product Discovery Process

Innovation never happens alone. Synchronized teams create the best products, and the most effective way to teamwork is, of course, through workshops. We're following these rules when developing products with our clients as we believe in the Design Thinking framework. Let’s take a closer look at it.
Startup Development House
16 June 2020
5 min read


How to measure the impact of product launch or key product change?

Defining the metrics before you even have something solid is quite a challenge. Yet we must think ahead. First of all, we should focus on data collection, and then — on how and if that data makes sense. But how and where to start if we have a new product idea or want to make a big change in one? We’ve even already asked the serious questions like: “How do you know that’s good for users?” or “Does it work?”. It’s easier to leave them behind and focus on product promotion. Or, what might be even more dangerous, look for help in vanity metrics to please investors or sponsors.
Piotr Janecki
15 April 2020
6 min read