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How different is Python from JavaScript?

This is a question I asked myself a few weeks back. I am a JavaScript developer by trade and have recently ventured into the back-end world to learn the fundamentals of Python and to identify how these fundamentals differ from those in JavaScript. So I’ve written this article to articulate some of the particular differences that stand out, and hopefully generate interest for any front-end developer looking to take on something new.
Aleksandra Borowska
09 July 2021
5 min read


How to create a winning go-to-market strategy for your startup

Congratulations, you’ve just come up with an awesome startup idea that’s going to change the world! And after all that initial positive feedback you’re now ready to press play. As a former co-founder, I can tell you how seriously exciting this moment is. The moment when a startup creator, after months of discovery, planning and improving an idea, finally sees his or her product on the market. But before going any further, let’s check whether your team has the proper go-to-market plan to ensure this market debut goes as smoothly as possible. A well planned go-to-market strategy will help to avoid the mistakes many startup founders commit when entering their first ventures.  So let’s define ‘go-to-market'.
Mateusz Łozowicki
01 July 2021
6 min read


Cross-browser testing

With the exponential pace of technological advancement, businesses strive to get the best out of it and to ensure their web app runs smoothly on all browsers and platforms. As an end user’s attention span continues to shorten, so will he or she not hesitate to press the back button on their browser if a site seems faulty. So, what’s the solution? Make web apps and sites work flawlessly on every browser, device, and platform. It sounds like a simple and straightforward goal, right? If a business doesn’t wish to lose customers due to less than optimal UX, cross-browser compatibility and cross-browser testing must be considered.  So, what is cross-browser testing and what should we know about it to assure the quality of our websites? Cross-browser testing is the practice of making sure that the websites and web apps created work across an acceptable number of web browsers.
Anna Trukhan
23 June 2021
6 min read