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How to conduct remote user testing?

No matter how well thought your product is, users will always surprise you. That’s why it's essential to get their opinion before you spend a lot of money on your product development. It will avoid you having to correct the UX solutions that people don't understand, save you time and money building unnecessary features, and even broaden your comprehension of the problem. How to get all of those benefits? Observe, listen, and learn from your users.
Kasia Radziejewska
24 June 2020


React.js: why choose it for your startup in 2020?

For the past ten years, the front-end ecosystem has been changing rapidly. It has brought a lot of improvements to the tooling and the overall developer experience. However, the number of tools available and the ever-changing best practices led to "Front-End Fatigue." After a fast cycle of innovations, three major players are left in the field of development tools, and React.js is the king of all.
Marcin Wojtczak
18 June 2020