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How Scrum Team Augmentation and Body Leasing Can Help Your Business

These days, any business lacking the flexibility and efficiencies crucial to its IT department will find the world of software development a precarious one indeed. With time-frames not always certain and recruitment procedures most certainly tedious (and costly), companies are increasingly resorting to scrum team augmentation and body leasing as ideal solutions.  If progress in your software development projects is often staggered or deadlines missed owing to insufficient IT resources, yet you’re also struggling to justify more permanent recruitment to meet this insufficiency, here is a guide on how IT staff augmentation can provide the expertise and flexibility you likely require.
David Adamick
14 January 2022
6 min read

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The Future of Design and Development with Startup Development House

You may be wondering, how can new technology trends affect your current software or products? Well, that’s hard to tell; but instead of thinking of a solution for it, you must think proactively when designing and developing. We at Startup Development House, help businesses and organizations have long-term products with bleeding-edge technologies.
Startup Development House
04 January 2022
1 min read


Cloud computing statistics for 2021 & forecasts for 2022

Through cloud computing, businesses no longer need to invest in software or hardware for accessing databases, data storage, servers, networking software and such related resources. With cloud computing, they enjoy faster load speeds and more flexible resources which they can grow and scale with greater ease. And crucially, these are flexible resources that are accessed on a pay-as-you-go basis.   As a result, with no up-front investments required, ‘on-demand software’ allows businesses to budget more precisely for the use of state-of-the-art applications as and when they need them. Some blogs ago, we examined the benefits of and differences between the 3 'as-a-service' cloud computing models most popular these days (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS), and outlined how best to determine which might suit these requirements.  All well and good. Now, however, let’s put our heads further in the cloud to look at some statistics regarding these as-a-service platforms and evaluate how businesses are faring with them at present and what we can expect from the cloud computing industry going forward. 
David Adamick
17 December 2021
6 min read