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How to leave the corporate world for your own startup business

They're often referred to as 'corporate refugees.' The skilled and successful who've become disillusioned with the 9-to-5, the obligatory office habitation, the commuting, the corporate ladder. Perhaps you're among them or in some ironic way aspire to be. If so - particularly if you're one with the ideas, acumen and ambitions required for a successful startup - this blog post is for you, as well as for what US statistics confirm is a growing number of such 'refugees'. Well, you've read this far. You must be interested. Interested, that is, in being your own boss and building something in which you'll find far more satisfaction and value. So, let's go through some helpful steps to guide you out of your corporate job and encourage you further into that startup venture you've been daydreaming about.
David Adamick
14 October 2022
min read


What Is Prototyping And Why You Need It

When you've got a software idea you'd like to validate immediately without actually developing a full product, prototyping or rapid prototyping is what you need and in this post, we'll explain why. When most people think of the word ‘prototype’, they imagine expensive, high-tech products. The truth is, prototypes come in all shapes and sizes, including software. While they may not always be high-tech, bug-free or fully functional, they are always essential to the product development process.
Nigel Tsopo
07 October 2022
7 min read


Why Should You Build A Product Based On User Testing?

Thoughtful teams develop products that are useful and valuable to their target users. At Startup House, ensuring a seamless user experience is among our top priorities, which is why we firmly believe in building products that are based on user testing. By using design methods that are based on people's real experiences, we develop high-quality digital products. We recognize that the revenue-generating features of a quality digital product are those that make it most easily accessible and necessary to the people who use it. Therefore, we believe that conducting user testing improves user retention and results in a more viable product.
Nigel Tsopo
30 September 2022
6 min read