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Startup Development House run tailor-made workshops for the InCredibles

Startup Development House runs tailor-made workshops for the InCredibles, a mentoring program established and promoted by Sebastian Kulczyk At Startup Development House we take as active a part in the startup ecosystem as possible. For us, sharing knowledge and experience via tailor-made workshops and mentoring is an ideal means of supporting tech entrepreneurs who are on their way to launching successful digital products. We were therefore delighted by the opportunity to organize and host workshops dedicated to the finalists of the start-up mentoring program, InCredibles. These workshops took place in April and focused on the end-user role in the business model.
Startup Development House
29 July 2022
5 min read


Product Managers & the 4 Main Challenges They Face

As the pace of growth in information technology continues to accelerate, so does the Product Manager’s role become increasingly relevant. In turn, so too does our awareness of his or her impact on discovering, building and maintaining products. We witness the growing prominence and popularity of the Product Manager in The 2021 State of Product Management Annual Report, where it cites that even over the past year, for instance, in gender-related diversity of hired Product Managers, well-being of Product Managers, 72% of PMs claim that they are extremely satisfied in their current roles. Many people wonder whether they might rebrand themselves and seek work in the IT industry. From the outside, this may seem an idyllic career option: you know, find a great idea for a product, do some proper research, conduct your product–building team accordingly – and make some good money while you’re at it. But what does the practical side of working as a Product Manager look like? What obstacles do they encounter and what are our tips for tackling them? Let's find out.
Zuzanna Parulska
22 July 2022
5 min read


Why are businesses experiencing a digital transformation?

The answer is simple: they don't have a choice. Until some time ago, such an option was considered the reserve of big players only. Today, we know that any company wanting to stay afloat must undergo a digital transformation. So what is a digital transformation? And why is digital transformation important?
Ewa Rutczyńska-Jamróz
15 July 2022
9 min read