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Mobile vs Desktop Internet Usage Statistics 2022: Why Mobile Optimization is More Important Than Ever

If you’re concerned about how your website’s performance on mobile devices may be affecting your business, here’s a statistic to justify that concern: in 2011, mobile phone internet usage accounted for only 6% of global internet traffic. In 2022, that 6% is… 55%.  To put that statistic another way, as of January 2022, the volume of internet traffic going through mobile devices for the first time overtook what had since been a volume dominated by desktop users.  To put it another way again, with this trend in mobile traffic as it is, never has customer mobile UX been more crucial to the well-being of an online business’s revenue.  This 50% increase in mobile usage not only signifies a shift in how we access the internet for our day-to-day requirements, but also the mounting importance of optimum user experience design and how marketing budgets are being reconsidered in relation to improving that experience.  In a previous post, we investigated the considerable commercial returns properly researched and developed user experience can provide an online business – as well as the considerable disadvantages a business can suffer when it hasn’t one.
David Adamick
01 July 2022
9 min read


Startup Development House Ranked One of the Fastest-Growing Companies in Europe – The Financial Times

We did it! We worked hard, worked smart, and now, according to The Financial Times, count among Europe’s fastest-growing companies, joining such players as Bolt and Synerise in doing so. We owe this honor to the thorough understanding of startups’ challenges and to maintaining flexibility towards their needs. And, of course, to our fabulous team.
Ewa Rutczyńska-Jamróz
23 June 2022
5 min read


How to get funding for a startup

So here you are: you have a brilliant business idea or maybe even an MVP. All you need now is to turn that idea into a reality. But to do so, you need money. And probably a lot of it, if you want to join ranks with other high-growth companies. Obtaining startup funding is a huge challenge for small businesses.  You could turn to friends and family for support, however, to do so would naturally mean putting their money at risk and thus your relationships, too. It is a risk you may prefer not to run. So what other options do you have?
Ewa Rutczyńska-Jamróz
15 June 2022
12 min read