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The rarely told advantages of Ruby on Rails for developers

Implementing new ideas into reality is always hard. But as it is with the creation of every product, not only software projects, correctly selected tools can make this road much smoother. Let’s explore the lesser known advantages of Ruby on Rails and find out why it is still one of the most liked frameworks for building online applications.
Adrian Nowak
27 August 2020
3 min read


Tutorial on how to install Ruby, Ruby on Rails and how to use Ruby Gems

You already heard about Ruby on Rails and how easy it is to quickly develop working applications. However, the process of creating new software requires a few building blocks and understanding how to handle them efficiently.  The first step is, of course, installing Ruby itself. As the number of your projects will surely quickly increase, managing multiple variants of Ruby can become quite unpleasant. To help with that, the open source community prepared multiple version managers, with most popular ones being rbenv and rvm.
Jan Grela
20 March 2020
6 min read