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Is QA required for early project planning?

There are many factors that determine the success of a project and one of these is the establishment of a sound project plan in that project’s preliminary stages. Which is why more and more team members are getting involved earlier on. And it’s not just analysts, but developers and QA Engineers too. Indeed, with every team member having a unique mindset informed by different competences and experiences, this will bring varying and valuable perspectives to any given business requirement. The appropriate time for involving QA in the project depends on the client and the software development methodology that is adopted. In Agile methodology, a tester’s work will begin at a certain point in the software life-cycle and elsewhere in the waterfall methodology. Much depends on the client's decision and budget, and though QA’s initial involvement is associated with additional costs, there are still several reasons why it can prove profitable.
Magdalena Śledź
28 May 2021
6 min read


Where do software bugs come from?

Software bugs (or defects) are pretty much as old as the software itself. With modern software getting more and more complex, the projects are not only richer in features, but also more prone to bugs. But why does software have bugs? Where do they come from? And finally, how to prevent software bugs in your project development?
Łukasz Kołpak
09 June 2020
4 min read


What is the difference between Quality Assurance Engineers and Software Testers?

“A Software Tester is a person who has to be told what to do. A Quality Assurance Engineer is a guy who usually says what I should do and when”, is what one of the Project Managers in my previous job has told me. This sentence kept coming back to me for a long time now and I can say that he wasn’t far from the truth.
Arkadiusz Jelonek
06 April 2020
5 min read