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What is React? Is it a framework, and why should you care?

If you’ve spent any time around developers, chances are that you’ve heard the name “React” tossed around more than once, perhaps sometimes along with “Angular”, or, more rarely, “Vue”. So what’s React? Is it a plane? Is it a spaceship? Is it a library? Or is it a framework? And is it even important? Let’s find out.
Maciek Kozłowski
28 February 2020
5 min read


Why should I learn Ruby on Rails?

Learning a programming language like Ruby on Rails is usually an investment for many years ahead, especially if that's the first one you’re learning. It's not hard to imagine how starting from a specific technology can shape not only the next projects you'll be working with but also your way of thinking about software development. So why learn Ruby on Rails rather than any other programming language?
Adrian Nowak
03 February 2020
4 min read