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How we implemented SWR in a project and why we loved it

Why SWR? Recently, we had the opportunity at SDH to develop a project using React with support from Redux/Toolkit. Thing is, though data was kept and fetched in the store, there was no caching mechanism implemented in the app.  And holding dozens of responses in the state is not my idea of a cool idea. Whatever the case, it soon got a little too easy to get lost in all those state slices, despite the use of Toolkit.    What’s more, it had zero influence on the backend at that point. With those iceberg-sized chunks of data drifting about, some requests took an eternity to resolve.  And since the UI’s application consisted of long item lists with few CRUD operations,  it soon became clear that some form of cache would come in pretty handy just about then. So the choice fell to SWR - a library made by the developers of Vercel (also of Next.js fame).
Kamil Polok
09 June 2021
6 min read