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Learn to walk before you run (and save time, money and trouble)

There’s little doubt that in an ever-changing startup environment, timing matters. Especially during the post-MVP period and scale-up stage, where gaining the client’s favour and loyalty is so crucial for cultivating growth in product awareness. Nevertheless, for better or for worse, it is common for a startup to use different software houses/developers for the varying segments in service development. Actually, it strikes me how often we’re asked to form a product team and estimate on what are very loose terms. “Only add a few functionalities” or “just fix a couple things” we often hear. Whilst for a developer familiar with the source code this may be a walk in the park, it is certainly not so for a new team. One unfamiliar with the project must spend hours analyzing each task in order to determine the best approach. And the result? Estimation vs realization disparity, frustration, decreasing confidence and leveraged risk. Here’s where both money and momentum are lost. The wellbeing of all co-operation strongly depends on the mutual understanding of those involved: how something works (or is supposed to work) and how you, the brains behind it, understand its nuances and challenges. This is what I call the walking phase - so important before the real jogging starts!
Filip Stopa
16 June 2021
5 min read