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8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Software Vendor

Whether you’re a project manager, product manager, CTO or CEO, choosing the right software system (or licensed SaaS) involves a huge commitment. It is not a decision easily taken. In fact, it can be one your entire business hinges upon. And it’s not just avoiding an inappropriate software package, but ensuring you implement the right one in the right way. What’s more, there’s a wilderness of software vendor competition out there to negotiate.   So to choose the right software, you need to know how to choose the right software vendor. How to choose the right partners for whom the relationship is also a good fit going forward. You’ll also need to analyse your current business processes - does your software meet your current and future requirements, for example? This is why many prospective clients will first implement a software vendor evaluation process - something crucial when landing the right software vendor. It's also a process that can be quite helpful when choosing a software vendor like Startup Development House, so here’s a guide to help you make those important decisions.
David Adamick
27 July 2021
6 min read