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Why 3BL is Good (for) Business

Most businesses operate for gaining financial benefit -- commonly referred to as 'profit'. However, as this pure profit motive has come under increasing scrutiny over the past 25 years, initiatives have since been introduced into business environments for enhancing this motive and the subsequent activities they drive at any given company. One such initiative is known as the Triple Bottom Line, a concept defined in 1994 by British management consultant and sustainability guru John Elkington. Triple Bottom Line theory refers to the transformation of business objectives from the financially oriented only to ones of greater complexity and with broader perspectives. Essentially, Elkington advocates that a business adopt a greater obligation to stewardship in its purpose. That a company be managed in a way that not only generates profit but in a way that addresses the state of both society and the environment.
Agata Bieniek
03 December 2021
6 min read

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Ways to make your business more sustainable

We are currently facing one of humanity's biggest challenges - a climate crisis. It is real, and how seriously it develops is something that continues to concern us. We also wonder what we might do to minimize the effects of this crisis. Yet what we often hear is that individual action is ineffectual; that any single contribution a person makes is ultimately insignificant and futile. As a result, people are discouraged and decide instead to wait it out, hoping some heroes will save us as they did on the screens in our childhood memories. But at Startup Development House we're not discouraged. Rather, we feel empowered and hopeful, believing in change and striving to be part of it. This is why we adopted our own principles and practices to make us more sustainable, ones we continue to refine for ensuring we remain among those businesses dedicated to realizing this change. Read on to find out what steps you can take to help you make your business more sustainable.
Aneta Pałczyńska
27 August 2021
6 min read