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How much do average startups make & why do startups fail?

In an earlier blog, I had mentioned the sustained proliferation in startup companies around the globe; a proliferation that had seen, for example, an increase of up to 500,000 American startups in January of this year alone. Indeed, such a figure would suggest something very much worthwhile at the end of the startup rainbow, some worthwhile ROI to animate this entrepreneurial zeal.  As incentive so commonly comes in the form of revenue, this ever-increasing percentage of startups in the SME category, begs the question ‘what is the average revenue of a small business?’ and/or ‘what is the average salary of a startup founder?’  For this article, I’ve done some research to uncover what sorts of numbers are behind this flourish in entrepreneurship (in $USD) and also to provide further small business statistics on what factors contribute to startup failure rates.  So do read on: here are some useful points to serve as a guide for your ambitions, should you be thinking of taking your own ideas to market. If you are already running your own company, then getting acquainted with some relevant stats is good practice for formulating or refining your business plan.
David Adamick
05 November 2021
7 min read