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What Is Prototyping And Why You Need It

When you've got a software idea you'd like to validate immediately without actually developing a full product, prototyping or rapid prototyping is what you need and in this post, we'll explain why. When most people think of the word ‘prototype’, they imagine expensive, high-tech products. The truth is, prototypes come in all shapes and sizes, including software. While they may not always be high-tech, bug-free or fully functional, they are always essential to the product development process.
Nigel Tsopo
07 October 2022
7 min read


Weaponized Design: Dark Patterns in UX

In 2016 users of older version of Windows were displayed a pop-up recommending an update to Windows 10. What started as a benign offer, over time turned into something more sinister. As the meaning of close button was changed — from simply closing the window to actually initiating the operation — to force the upgrade upon the unsuspecting users. Unsurprisingly, it was met with substantial public backlash.
Filip Wilczek
01 March 2019
5 min read