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How to use Early Adopters to create a better product?

It’s no surprise that the number one reason for startups failing is not solving an existing market problem. Identifying real users’ pains is crucial when creating a new product. Product Discovery is a process designed to help ideate a solution that addresses these problems. Beginning with empathization, we get to know the user to define better his struggles and pains that your product could help with. We then come up with a concept for the product in the ideation phase. Thanks to prototyping and testing with users, we gather their feedback early on and adapt to their suggestions. We’ve broken down the Product Discovery process into a few intuitive steps and can conduct it entirely remotely.
Marta Przyłęcka
23 February 2021
3 min read


How we work as a team to create the best products possible during the Product Discovery process

Innovation never happens alone. Synchronized teams create the best products, and the most effective way to teamwork is, of course, through workshops. We're following these guidelines when developing products with our clients. At Startup Development House, using our experience, we lift each other and help our clients create leading digital products.
Marta Przyłęcka
11 February 2021
4 min read


How to conduct remote user testing?

No matter how well thought your product is, users will always surprise you. That’s why it's essential to get their opinion before you spend a lot of money on your product development. It will avoid you having to correct the UX solutions that people don't understand, save you time and money building unnecessary features, and even broaden your comprehension of the problem. How to get all of those benefits? Observe, listen, and learn from your users.
Kasia Radziejewska
24 June 2020
5 min read