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Why Should You Build A Product Based On User Testing?

Thoughtful teams develop products that are useful and valuable to their target users. At Startup House, ensuring a seamless user experience is among our top priorities, which is why we firmly believe in building products that are based on user testing. By using design methods that are based on people's real experiences, we develop high-quality digital products. We recognize that the revenue-generating features of a quality digital product are those that make it most easily accessible and necessary to the people who use it. Therefore, we believe that conducting user testing improves user retention and results in a more viable product.
Nigel Tsopo
30 September 2022
6 min read


How To Plan User Testing

User testing is a process in which real users are asked to use a product or service to assess its usability. It is typically conducted by UX researchers or designers to gather feedback which can be used to improve user experience. Although there are many methods for conducting user testing, the ultimate goal of each will be to gain feedback from real users in a naturalistic setting. However, this does not mean that user testing should be used as a marketing tool or as a way to sell products. Rather, it should be seen as an opportunity to learn about how users interact with a product or service, and as a means of making improvements based on that feedback.
Nigel Tsopo
23 September 2022
13 min read


How User Testing Can Help Solve Your Startup Problems

User testing is a process whereby users of a product or service are asked to provide feedback on their experience.  You can and should conduct user tests with both pre-release and existing versions of products or services.  Testing helps startups identify and solve many problems, including those related to user experience, product design, and market fit. By getting feedback from real users early on, startups can avoid costly mistakes and ensure their products are designed with users' needs in mind.
Nigel Tsopo
16 September 2022
9 min read