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Negotiate now

Find a great negotiator & get better deals on products & services you want.

From idea to fully functioning web app in less than 5 months

NegotiateNow is a platform that helps people get better deals on products and services they want for themselves, their families and friends (social commerce) by matching all concerned with professional negotiators.





Scope of work

  • Consulting
  • Product discovery
  • Scoping
  • Product Design
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • No-code development

Startup Development House provided a full Product Discovery, Design and Delivery service to understand, research, challenge and build my business idea. During Product Discovery, they helped me to understand the lean start-up way of product development with initial research, discovery workshops and many hours of discussion and iteration. After Discovery workshops they helped me to build a high-level user flow, prioritized product roadmap and created production ready Hi-Fi designs which is our guideline in the ongoing rapid MVP development. We choose a no-code technology for delivery as this provides us the maximum speed and efficiency.

Jonathan Goodman

Jonathan Goodman

Founder - Negotiate Now

The challenge

NegotiateNow addresses a problem we all face: how to get better deals on the products and services we buy.

So, how does this application solve the problem? By providing access to professional negotiation services as well a platform on which group deals may be struck for bulk purchasing and the superior prices these deals afford.

In doing so, it unites people who share a common commercial goal.

The project’s challenge lay in creating the clear simple and rapid flow of a complex idea.

The solution

In order to reach an optimal solution, our team helped the client to clear the idea, create a transparent roadmap and advised in delivering it in a short period of time.

Product Discovery

During our 6-week Product Discovery period with the client, we challenged and fine tuned the idea. Several workshops and dozens of discussion hours later, we delivered a full roadmap with release prioritization.

As there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Product Discovery, we adopted one that was personalized to the client’s specific needs whilst utilizing all information provided.

Applied process

  • 1

    Niche-picking workshop

    Analyzing different business models

  • 2

    Business Model Canvas and competition analysis


  • 3

    User personal and value proposition

  • 4

    Desk research and potential niche details

  • 5

    Quantitative research

  • 6

    Set up calculation rules and data structure


With our UX and UI design team we created a product that is not only tailored-made to the user’s needs but is one that is both easy to use and designed to deliver business results.

It is not just about looking good. It is about the smoothness of the customer journey and how it connects user to the service and the platform.

MVP Delivery

Together with the client we have decided to proceed with MVP development in no-code technologies, having also chosen the Bubble platform owing to its scalability, accessible plugin and overall functionality.

The team


Quality Engineer

Project Manager

The results

Following this five-month journey, the client has applied an in-depth analysis and planning schedule to ensure the product and service idea are precisely defined and ready for delivery in the shortest time possible.

The product has been developed and designed with close cooperation with the client, with whom a sincere and strong business relationship has since developed.

We have thus delivered a full roadmap, Hi-Fi design and fully-developed, no-code web-application.