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No. 1 Remote Development & Web Design Team in Oslo

Are you an entrepreneur from Oslo looking for a development team to help you create MVP or develop an existing product? Contact us and see how we can help!

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How is working with a remote development team beneficial?

  • Remote work is a ‘new normal’

    Nowadays most of us work remotely anyway – either by choice or by force. Hiring a remote product development team has never felt more natural. Your employees do not need to live in Oslo!

  • A good team right away!

    Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to serve your startup here and now – you do not need to worry about fostering your employee productivity, loyalty and team building. We love committing to projects we believe in.

  • Smart way to save

    Also, there is a simple matter of money… Hiring a remote software team allows you to optimize operation costs and save a splendid sum of money.

We work on startup MVPs, helping you to forge your ideas into products

What can our product development teams offer startups in Oslo?

Product discovery process

If you are at the beginning of your journey, we may offer a product discovery process. During the 3-day workshop our product development team will help you explore your idea and shape it into a user story map in order to later create a user-friendly prototype. Together, we will define the user persona and discover the user journey.

Product design & MVP development

At this point the concept is put into practice with product design, wireframes and design. Once your idea is well-defined, our software development team, using agile approach, may create a fully functional MVP. We use Scrum, so the work is planned in sprints.

Skilled remote development team

To paraphrase Julius Caesar: 'We come; we see; we conquer' (conquer the market, obviously). And you get that without even leaving Oslo, since all workshops, user interviews and meetings are conducted remotely. We use a plethora of technologies, including Ruby On Rails, Angular, React, React-Native, Node.js and more!

Best agile practices

By applying good practices, you may make your work not only faster, more effective and profitable, but also simply more pleasant. Members of our team are avid users of agile practices and will be happy to help you implement them in your startup.

Why is our development team special?

We strive for perfection and settle for nothing less. Our development team consists of top-notch professionals – product managers, project managers, developers, QA specialists and product designers.

In fact, only 3% of the applicants make it through the entire recruitment process. They are passionate, well-experienced, dedicated and they use English on a daily basis.

Meet us in Oslo!

Being a remote development team does not mean we never visit Norway! Maybe we can meet each other at one of these events? Come and meet us at our stand!

  • Oslo Innovation Week logo

    Oslo Innovation Week. A platform to discuss a better, more innovative world, helping to solve real global challenges through entrepreneurship.

  • Oslo Business Forum logo

    Oslo Business Forum. An amazing opportunity to listen to inspiring speakers, network and share ideas - we are Oslo Business Forum partner for 2021!

Our projects for Norwegian clients

We love Norway and Norway loves us back in return! Our experience with Norwegian founders has been nothing short of superb. See below some of the examples of startups we have worked with.

Located in Oslo, CHOOOSE is a climate-focused technology company with a mission to accelerate the shift towards a carbon free economy. Our role was to create a platform allowing employers and employees of large and small companies to compensate for their carbon footprint in a quick and easy way.

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Lexolve is a norwegian company that makes legal work easier for businesses. They aspired to create a simple online tool that manages legal documents in one easy-to-use platform. When developing the site, we paid extra attention to the simplicity of use and easy, yet elegant interface. During this project, we have used technologies such as Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL.

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What our Clients say?

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