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Early-stage startup: Pre-seed

From ideation to validation

Initially designed for early-stage startups, our Product Discovery Process breaks down creative block, clarifies your reality, and helps you define a sound business concept brimming with MVP potential. All at the pre-seed round.

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Initially designed for early-stage startups, our Product Discovery Process breaks down creative block, clarifies your reality, and helps you define a sound business concept brimming with MVP potential. All at the pre-seed round.

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What can you get out of our growth design sprint?

Tangible outcomes


Tangible outcomes

Obtain concrete results after each workshop, whether it’s a deeper understanding of your target persona or a precise monetization opportunity.

Well defined persona


Well defined persona

Thanks to the workshops, you’ll better grasp your target user and core market to make sure that the product you have in mind is desired and potentially profitable and reduce unnecessary costs.

Engaged team & stakeholders alignment


Engaged team & stakeholders alignment

The co-creating approach and facilitation techniques ensure that everyone is on the same page, saves time and makes it easier for the team to be deeply involved in the process.

Get excited on the way


Get excited on the way

The SDH Product Discovery process encourages innovative thinking and recovers creativity. Open your mind to invite new ideas and bring in a unique perspective on the project.

How does the Product Discovery Process work?

Check out how the process looks step by step and the results of each phase.

Your Idea

We get to know your vision and product background to provide the best service possible later on. By combining all your stakeholders’ research and knowledge with our experience, we map the environment and develop your mission.

Product Discovery Workshops

A few intense days of collective work and brainstorming will get you a better understanding of your users, create proper personas, define the value proposition, and prioritize the product’s features to create a MVP.

Prototyping & User Testing

A clickable prototype is used to test the concept with real users. You can learn how they interact with the product in real-time and gather all necessary feedback. Many start-ups do it with an already developed MVP when it’s much more challenging to adjust your product.

Roadmap and budget

This step is to prepare an estimation of development time and prioritize the features for the final version of the MVP. Together, we can build a roadmap and a realistic timeline for the project and future plans.

Future plans (MVP)

It’s up to you to decide what are the next steps. We invite you to continue working with us, as we do recommend developing software with a team that shares your understanding of the product.

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FAQ - Startup Development House Product Discovery offer

Can you adjust workshops to my needs?

Yes. Before we offer you a workshop, we need to examine your concept and research done so far. Once we have a general understanding of your idea, we can prepare a customized workshop offer to answer your and your project’s needs in the best possible way. To do so, we compile techniques and tools from different types of workshops - Design Sprint, User Story Mapping, Value proposition design - all in the spirit of Design Thinking.

Do I have to develop MVP after the Product Discovery process?

No. It is totally up to you, although it is way easier to develop software with a team that shares your understanding of the product. Our Product Discovery process’s primary goal is to prepare a solid plan for your MVP. It allows you to validate the idea with users and gives you an estimation of resources needed.

Do I need to be there for the workshops, or can we conduct them remotely?

Our Product Discovery workshops can be fully remote. We are used to working with clients worldwide, so getting all the stakeholders in one room proved to be tricky more than once. That's why we also conduct a fully remote Product Discovery Process (along with user interviews and usability testing). We facilitate workshops using Miro, which gives us all the possibilities of cooperation we need.

Do you work only with starting Startups?

No. We love building startups from scratch as much as we love supercharging them at further stages of their product development journey. Our experienced team of developers, QA specialists, designers, and project managers will act as your own product team- work with you on your backlog, advise on the most suitable technology, and help you deliver new features or enhance your product.

Can I develop an MVP without making a Product Discovery?

It’s up to you, but from our experience what may seem like a great way to save money may actually be a killer for your budget in the long run. An intricate understanding of the users’ needs is crucial for product development, and our process makes sure you got it right. Failure regarding the proper understanding of the market is the number one cause of startups failing.

Who should be a part of the Product Discovery team?

First of all - you and optionally all stakeholders involved in the project! Workshops can be a great team-building tool that helps build trust and an open-minded approach. From the SDH side, theProduct Manager and the Designer are working on the project, and often the Business Developer can give their input.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the scope and the stage at which your project is. The best way to calculate the price is to schedule a short call with us to discuss your needs and prepare the offer. Nevertheless, the costs are much lower than developing the MVP.

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