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Native search framework


About the client

Hindsight has created a new framework and delivery for native search for digital media companies to improve reader engagement and reader monetization. Our Smart-Tagging technology pre-identifies search terms in an article and attaches internal related content, further context on the topic, and highly targeted advertising (native or video), all accessible to the reader with a single click (or hover) on the term. The type-and-search action is now a click-or-hover action.





Scope of work:

  • Product design
  • Product development
  • Business advisory

The challenge

We were asked to optimize the MVP for mobile users and add a monetization module to start creating cashflows ultimately validating the business. At further steps, the app will be developed with new features depending on the coming clients’ needs.

Hindsight Hindsight
Hindsight Hindsight Hindsight
Hindsight Hindsight

The solution

We started with discovery sprint including initial briefing and research, which was followed by two rounds of prototyping with a user feedback round between them. As a result, we advised the client to optimize the MVP for mobile users and add a monetization module to start creating positive cash flow, while validating the business.


A new framework for native search
to improve reader engagement and monetization.


We created a dynamic widget for both desktop and mobile users. The widget was positioned dynamically and opened in the most viewable position (top or bottom of the tagged word based on where the word is on the screen). In order to prevent accidental hovers, the pop up appeared after 200ms

But if you were to imagine...

You, sitting cosily in the office, that is fine as most of them are. Working on the newest, or just cool looking and working as it should MacBook Pro. Drinking the “best coffee in the town”, as everywhere claims. Making a product. A product by which today, you will help Norwegian children make their first steps towards responsible care for their finances. Tomorrow, you move to the next one — for better management of food supply with less wastage — it`s good for the environment, right? Next? Maybe a product for architects, so they can visualize simulations of air currents on skyscrapers. Bored? Okay, so let`s make a platform for people like you, startupers who want to find similar people to work with.

So another week, month, quarter, year, year and a half pass — how about something new? Sure, why not — you’re a free man. But how about a product for car sharing that will revolutionize the industry?

We work for a living, not live for work (Paulo Coelho?) — so at least let`s make it honest and fun.

When working on the project we focused on using the most recent technology pieces.

Our priority was to keep the platform quickly scalable, so The Hindsight technology stack is:

  • Typescript
  • Mark.js
  • CSS Modules
  • Rollup for building

Also, we used Slack for chat, Jira for planning, and Github for code reviews and discussion.