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A matching platform for startups and employees


About the client

Startupmatcher is a Norwegian company that dedicated itself to helping startups grow in two most essential aspects: finding and retaining top talent among employees and connect with investors. They’ve been focused on the Nordic region and since 2016 they have already served a thousand startups. They needed a dedicated team who understood the style and trends of the startup scene.





Scope of work:

  • UX review
  • Product design
  • Software development

The challenge

First, we joined forces to establish a detailed roadmap, then we delivered key elements along the way: a fully-functional prototype, a clean and memorable design, and an MVP to gather user feedback. And finally, we provided them with a beautifully made website that would answer the needs of both startup owners and their potential employees.

The solution

A neat design defines the revitalized Startupmatcher website, offering clarity and conveying brand character. Startupmatcher target audience would have high expectations regarding visual design, so an outstanding aesthetic was paramount. A visually engaging and dynamic presentation of the content was essential for encouraging exploration through the content and making a mark for the website.

Understanding a context is always the key. Our team grew out of the start-up scene and it was critical while understanding client needs.


Right now the platform has been up and running for almost 3 years with the base of more than 3500 startups and 600 investors finding each other, exchanging messages and connecting.

Devil is
in the details

Startupmatcher needed a modern job platform for startups and talents seeking a career in the digital industry. Their website had to ensure a constant flow of skillful candidates while also providing startups with valuable knowledge and best practice tools.

When working on the project we focused on using the most recent technology pieces.

The target audience of Startupmatcher are tech-savvy young people. The technology behind the platform has to match their speed of use and on-the-go lifestyle. We focused on mobile performance and short loading times. The Startupmtacher technology stack is:

  • Express.js server
  • Mailgun
  • Elasticbeanstalk EC2 instances on AWS
  • Elasticsearch on Digital Ocean VPSes

Working on a platform to connect people we had to maintain good information exchange ourselves. To bring together teams from different countries we used Slack, to plan our work and exchange feedback about the product we use Jira and Github for code reviews and discussion.