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Hire a global top 5% developer.
Or make it a team.

Our developers and product teams are ready to jump on board and give your project the boost it needs to be delivered right on time.

Why work with us?

Short hiring time

Short hiring time

You cut the time spent on hiring to the absolute minimum so you can keep your focus on the everyday business.

Quick project start

Quick project start

The time needed to hire new resources can be a few times shorter. You get the developers ready to start within a few weeks from your request.

No full-time hire

No need for full-time hire

You don’t have to hire people full-time and you still get all the skills you need. You’ll reduce your costs without losing the results.


Continuity ensured

Whenever something happens to the dev-team, we ensure that work on the project is continued so that all the goals can be achieved on time.

No risk

No risk, still fun

You don’t risk hiring the wrong, unskilled people. All of our developers went through an exhaustive hiring process and have been tested on previous projects.


Month-to-month flexibility

If your needs change over time, we can easily adjust our team setup for the project. When hiring on your own, you have to plan ahead whereas with us you stay flexible until the end.

How does it work?

  • Tell us what you need

    We need to know who you need — what is the experience you seek, which technologies are your major ones, what additional skills are needed on the project? We want to get to know your requirements as well as possible to get you the best people for the job.

  • Wait for the candidates

    We have a team of great developers ready to join projects in a few weeks from the sign-off. We choose the most relevant people for the project if we have people meeting your requirements.

  • Review the profiles

    You get the resumes with all the skills, technologies and experience listed for your review. Now it’s time to choose the candidates you’d like to talk to to make the final decision.

  • Talk to developers

    This is your time to check if the candidate is a person you’re looking for. Test their communication skills, verify their technology expertise, get familiar with their work methods and make sure that you have all the information needed to make the final call.

  • Make a decision!

    Now you need to tell us: “yes, this is who I am looking for, I want this person to join my project” or “no, keep looking”. Simple as that. In case of not meeting your expectations by any of the candidates, we go back to our recruitment process to find someone new.


From an idea to product - testing comprehensive cloud-based financial platform solutions.


IoT device with mobile app designed to educate children about personal finance.


Improving the geo-research process with a secure-by-design network of cloud services.

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Marek Pałys

Marek Pałys

Expert in lean product strategy and development. Previously member of Groupon Poland Managing Team where he was responsible for product management and strategy. Now he wins new business and builds products for clients at Startup Development House.

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