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Get from concept to completion in 10 weeks

Whether you’re a startup needing a proof-of-concept or you’re a budding business looking to test new waters, your next step should be your own Rapid MVP.

It will quickly bring focus to your product’s core value proposition, satisfy early adopters, and provide valuable market feedback that is so crucial for your product’s future.

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Who uses Rapid MVPs?

The short answer is 'many', but here are some typical types we’ve worked with:

  • Industry experts with some technical knowledge who need to validate an idea quickly.

  • "Pre-seed startups with limited time and resources."

  • Businesses looking to enter a new market or launch a new product line.

The remarkable benefits of a Rapid MVP

Launch in no time

Launch in no time

With an approximate lead time of just 10 weeks, a Rapid MVP is the most immediate way to validate your business idea and therefore an indispensable factor in getting your product to market as quickly as possible.

Learn what’s ahead

Learn what’s ahead

Creating a Rapid MVP provides the valuable user feedback and technological insight you need for maximizing your idea’s potential.

Get more for less

Get more for less

By minimizing budget requirements while opening opportunities for user testing, a Rapid MVP minimizes the risk of product failure.

Build momentum

Build momentum

A Rapid MVP is an effective medium for building momentum behind your product prior to launch and a great way of attracting early adopters and investors.

How your Rapid MVP comes to life

  • Shaping Phase

    Work with skilled, experienced product managers

    Work begins with our highly-experienced product managers to ensure your Rapid MVP is built for quick release. This means getting familiar with your main objectives and translating them into a design concept. The early feedback gained at this stage is essential for validating your MVP before any further time and effort are invested.

  • Technical Research Phase

    Meet our technology experts

    Here, our tech team investigates and documents your business requirements, its technical feasibility and potential architectural options. This helps us identify and recommend the best solution for your needs. We can also create a prototype of the proposed solution to demonstrate how it will work. This phase is important for determining what resources will be required to complete the project and includes a report detailing our findings and recommendations.

  • Design Phase

    Design to solve, design to succeed

    ​​Once we have a common understanding of your idea, it's time to start designing your Rapid MVP. The design phase is critical to the success of your Rapid MVP, as it will determine how well your product solves the problem it is meant to.

    Here’s what we do:

    We keep it simple: the goal of a Rapid MVP is to test a hypothesis, not to create a fully-fledged product. As such, it's important to keep the design of your Rapid MVP as straightforward as possible.

    We focus on the core functionality: what is the one thing that your Rapid MVP must do to succeed? We ensure this functionality is central to your design.

    We prepare for iterations: a Rapid MVP is not a final product but a stepping stone to one. As such, we design your Rapid MVP so that it can be easily updated and improved over time.

  • Proof-Of-Concept Implementation

    Realization begins

    This is where things get ever more real. Once the design phase is complete and all MVP requirements have been determined, the implementation phase begins. Our developers set to work on building out a streamlined version of your product so that it can be launched immediately and tested accordingly.

  • Test Phase

    Validate assumptions and gather feedback

    After completing the development phase, it’s time to test your Rapid MVP. This is where you'll see if your product actually works as intended. The main purpose of a rapid MVP is to test your product with as many people as possible to validate your assumptions and gather feedback.

    Steps during the test phase:

    Create a test plan and approve it

    Carry out tests

    Evaluate results and analyse data

  • Feedback Interviews

    Wrap up and plan for the future

    After the test phase is complete, we conduct feedback interviews to understand your overall impression of the Rapid MVP. Once we have a list of your thoughts on the table, we consider how to address each issue individually.

  • Further Development After Rapid MVP

    In the post-Rapid MVP feedback phase, we can help you create a strategy to improve your Rapid MVP into a market-ready product.

Who you’ll work with

  • Product Manager

    Providing frameworks and answering your questions during the shaping phase.

  • Project Manager

    Ensuring we reach our Rapid MVP goals within time.

  • Designers | UX/UI

    Making your vision come to life during the design phase.

  • Developers

    Implementing the proof-of-concept.

  • Technology Leaders

    Providing key expertise.


How long does a Rapid MVP take to develop?

Rapid MVP development can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the product’s level of complexity. Typical lead time tends to be around 10 weeks.

However, developing a Rapid MVP is generally quicker and cheaper than a traditional product since you are only developing the essential features and not all the bells and whistles. This makes it a great option for startups and businesses needing quick proof of concept.

How much does a Rapid MVP cost?

Cost depends on what specific features and functionalities are required. A limited budget may still afford a more basic MVP, whereas one larger will naturally accommodate whatever more advanced features are required. For a more accurate assessment of what your budget can do for you, contact us.

Should I have a team to create a Rapid MVP with Startup House?

No, just you and us. The Startup House team is your team.

Should I have a verified idea to create a Rapid MVP?

Not necessarily, you can test an idea using Rapid MVP.

Can I create a mobile app using the Rapid MVP process?

Yes. Creating a mobile app using the Rapid MVP process enables you to quickly create a prototype of your app for testing with users early on in the development process. The feedback gained will guide you more directly to a perfected product and ensure you avoid the costly oversights or errors which without this feedback could arise later on.

Am I the owner of the source code of a Rapid MVP?

Yes, you own all source code for your Rapid MVP.

We are your team – let’s get your Rapid MVP off the ground

Are you looking for Rapid MVP development services? Look no further than Startup House!

We’ll get your Rapid MVP off the ground quickly and efficiently.

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