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Maximize the positive social and environmental impact of your startup.

We’ve been witnessing the regular launch of many such startups, ones variously categorized as impact startups, sustainability startups, social entrepreneurship and greentech. As you can see, the notion of positive impact is integral to these category titles and to the missions and/or statements attached to them. And since their purpose is to maximize positive impact in their chosen areas, it is crucial that startup creators map these impacts, and that they deliberate on the hypotheses and assumptions of change their organizations wish to bring to the world.

sustainability related image

sustainability related image

When should you use impact map canva?

  • When you have an idea for a startup that focuses on the environmental or social problem, this canva will help you to develop your first Theory of Change and link it to Sustainable Development Goals. It will also help you to form a vision of how you want to operate and how you will avoid risks and negative impacts.
  • When you’ve established your startup already; where social and environmental challenges are at the heart of its activities and where you intend to maximize positive impact - as well as to measure and manage it.
  • When you want to start seeking Impact Investor for your startup. Analyzing an Investee’s Theory of Change is usually the first step in the investor’s due diligence process.