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Reliable product validation based on user interviews

Various user research methods can be implemented depending on the stage of product development. Our goal is to guide you on the importance of user testing. Read up on how and when user interviews should be conducted. Gather the most valuable feedback and improve your product in no time with negligible expenditures.

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Why is it essential to conduct user interviews?

Immediate feedback gets immediate results

Immediate feedback gets immediate results

Use a prototype to validate ideas and features immediately after their conceptualization. See how users react to them in real-time so that you can diagnose any necessary changes to be made.

Risk mitigation

Risk mitigation

Ensure your product is ready to hit the market with no failure. User interviews are highly effective for instantly identifying and eliminating any potential risks and errors.

Understand your audience better

Understand your audience better

Challenge your vision and assumptions. Ask users for their opinions and understand their needs and problems. Adjust your product accordingly.

Anticipating instead of following

Anticipating instead of following

Implement user testing for clairvoyance. Discover how users respond and behave. Recognize potential paths of development. Get ahead of the competition; predict an upcoming trend.

No flaws = Reduced costs

No flaws = Reduced costs

Spot bugs, errors or flaws before deployment. Avoid user disappointment. Guarantee the full functionality of a product by implementing thorough user testing.

Work with experienced specialists

How can we help with user experience testing?



We will help you prepare a research plan, define areas of focus and advise on applying the best user research tools and methods.

Recruiting users


Find user testing participants that fit best with your target user. Recruiting the right participant group is crucial for gaining the most accurate results.

Conducting sessions


Test on-site or remotely. In either case, there will be a wide range of user research methods and tools to employ for ensuring high-quality results. We recommend remote testing both for location-related reasons and because it provides plentiful data for analysis at a comparatively lower cost.

Data analysis


Finally, we will help in preparing your report and in further data analysis so that you may draw the necessary conclusions for planning the next stages of your product’s development.

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FAQ - Startup Development House - user interviews and Product Discovery offer

When to test product assumptions?

As often as possible and at any point in the product development process. Thanks to user testing, it’s possible to gather feedback and opinions on any new prototype features or the prototype. This will both improve the broad business concept and refine the product’s details.

What types of user research are available?

Problem Discovery is done at the beginning of the research. A proper understanding of the persona and target group is crucial when developing an engaging, high-value product.

Attitudinal user testing focuses on users’ opinions and narratives. This way, participants show their understanding of how to approach and use the product. Behavioral user testing exhibits how users truly interact with the product as opposed to how they may claim to do. Any data gathered here can be extremely handy for  UX/UI design.

Can you adjust Product Discovery workshops to my needs?

Yes. Before offering you a workshop, we need to examine your concept and the research you’ve done so far. Once we’ve gained a general understanding of your idea, we can prepare a customized workshop offer to answer you and your project’s needs in the best possible way. For this, we will compile techniques and tools from different types of workshops: Design Sprint, User Story Mapping, Value proposition design - and all in the spirit of Design Thinking.

Do I have to develop MVP after the Product Discovery Process?

No. It’s totally up to you. We would advise, however, that it is much easier to develop software with a team that shares your understanding of the product. Our Product Discovery Process’s primary goal is to prepare a solid plan for your MVP. This allows you to validate your idea with users while giving you a cost estimation of required resources.

Do I need to be there for the workshops, or can we conduct them remotely?

Our Product Discovery Workshops can be fully remote. We are well-versed in working with clients worldwide, so convening all stakeholders in one room comes naturally to us. This is why we also conduct a fully remote Product Discovery Process along with our user interviews and usability trials. We facilitate workshops using Miro, providing us with a broad array of options for flexibility and cooperation.

Do you work only with starting startups?

No. We love building startups from scratch as much as we do supercharge them throughout their product development journey. Our experienced team of developers, QA specialists, designers, and project managers will work with you on your backlog, advise you on the most suitable technology and help deliver new features and enhancements to your product.

How much does it cost?

The cost will depend on the scope of your project and at which stage it is currently. The easiest way to get an estimate is simply to call us for a brief chat about your requirements.

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