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Our Corporate Digital Transformation process

Gather top talents to guide you in generating ideas, building and testing prototypes, and finally turning them into cloud-based products the agile way.

Look for a new way to innovate

Why should you be interested in digital transformation?

Improving internal processes


Improving internal processes

Transform your business activities while looking for more efficient ways to work. Our dedicated team will help you discover processes and models that might be digitalised in order for you to use the full potential of your company.

Lower costs


Lower costs

Optimization of certain processes - effective internal management, clear finances, improved communication and other - due to digital transformation can result in decrease in spending. Start now and lose costs along the way.

Increased revenues


Increased revenues

Discover new ways to maximize the profitability of the company. Digitalization minimizes risk and secures your business to give you space to innovate and implement new ideas.

Discover new monetization opportunities


Discover new monetization opportunities

Redesign your business model and take advantage of new opportunities to stay ahead of the competition and satisfy your customers’ needs. Innovate to diversify your business.

Start building MVP step-by-step

How does developing MVP look like?


1-3 weeks

The first step is a workshop based on design thinking methodology with the highest focus on clients. The result of this is a digital prototype tested on suitable personas and an exhaustive report with the analysis of the workshops. We confront the results with market and competition benchmarks and run further user analyses. Then, we refine the experience and move to creating top-notch user interface design in the second phase.

Proof of Concept

1-3 months

The second phase includes building an MVP basing on lean development methodology. The aim of this part is creating as simple a product as possible, later testing it with the clients and adapting the product to customers’ needs. We make sure that the work starts smoothly by organizing a kick-off meeting, during which we plan the development and create a clear roadmap for the future.

Commercial product

3-6 months

The third stage is further product development in the lean methodology. The team continues developing the product and starts integrating it with existing systems. We follow the roadmap, we set the milestones, we listen to the customers and develop the product. In the end, finally, we deliver the outstanding commercial product tailored to the market needs and the organization’s profile.

Looking for a new value proposition for your company?

Start with exchanging knowledge and generating ideas - we adjust our Product Discovery process to help you innovate in the way that is most suitable for you.

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Develop ideas with specialists

Why work with us?

Startups innovation on board

We have startup DNA — we’ve worked with plenty of startups and have wide knowledge and experience in implementing innovations. Thanks to us, organizations have the opportunity to modernize their processes, provide more value for customers and do it all with a fresh startup approach.

Quick idea validation

You have a lot of ideas for innovations, new products, and services. You probably do not have the time and money to pursue all of them. That is why it is important to know which ones are the most promising for all your stakeholders. Product discovery consulting is the best way to validate them.

Competitive advantage

Nowadays companies that resist implementing changes are not able to maintain a strong position in the market. By implementing disruptive innovations we enable companies to stay ahead of the market, create new market trends and encourage customers to buy their products.

Fast implementation

Our goal is to speed up the process of implementing innovation because in today’s world velocity creates the key competitive advantage. We build a clickable interactive prototype in one week from the first meeting. Then we will deliver a coded proof of concept in 2 to 3 months, and then provide the commercial product ready to deploy in 6 months.

Cost savings

Implementing innovation using design thinking and agile software development methods allows companies to reduce costs, time and waste. Fast implementation requires less time for the whole product team and managers, so as a consequence is much cheaper.

Independent dedicated team

We are aware of how relevant the application or website integration with 3rd party systems is, therefore the products are created with the legal and security requirements covered. We have worked with clients that have demanding security requirements in financial services, such as payment integration and PSD2 implementation.

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