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We hire only the best developers

It’s not a slogan. We actually hire less than 5% of all the applicants we hear from each month. We care about quality, we ensure satisfaction, we put our clients’ needs first.


Gathering requirements

Before we begin recruiting, we collect all the information about the people we’re going to be looking for. It doesn’t really matter if we recruit for our existing teams or for someone to join your team. There are always specific requirements regarding the skills, the technologies, the experience, the tools which will be used on the project. The goal here is to make sure that we understand the profile of the required person perfectly.

sourcing candidates

Sourcing the candidates

Preparing the base of 100%

Using our databases, our connections, and a great understanding of the IT world, we start to look for people who meet the criteria specified in the previous step. We spread the word, we map the market, we place ads, we approach developers. Thanks to our experience we know exactly how to do that, and how to talk to potential candidates to make them want to work with us. We end up with an extensive base of applications from IT specialists meeting your requirements.


Screening & preselection

About 25% of applicants pass

As it is time to make the first quality check, we start our screening process. Our goal is to preselect the candidates and narrow them down to the carefully crafted group of the best people ready to take on a tech challenge. We look at their experience, the skills they have, the type of projects they have worked on, the technologies they use, the teamwork experience they had, their education and language skills. We talk with them, we run preliminary interviews during which they have to pass language, personality, and communication skills checks. We look for passionate individuals ready to fully engage in their team’s work.

tech-project assignment

Tech-project challenge

About 15% of applicants pass

Only a few make it this far. This is the most important part of the whole recruitment process. The candidates have to prove their skills with the technology they claim to have mastered. We give them a carefully prepared tech assignment to check how fast they work, how good they are, and what quality they deliver. The task is always related to the project/team the candidate is being recruited for. After its completion, the results are carefully reviewed by our top in-house developers and assessed from the technical standpoint.


Pair programming

About 10% of applicants pass

Coding hand in hand with our in-house senior developer is the ultimate skills test. We examine the candidate’s problem-solving, teamwork and communication abilities, the candidate’s work culture, we dive deeper into their tech-savviness and creativity. We simply ensure that the developers we recruit are exceptional specialists able to deliver outstanding results. Pair programming allows us to check their knowledge of recent framework developments, best practices, and uses of the programming language, and their understanding of constantly changing trends.

personality check

Personality check

About 7% of applicants pass

Having a developer with all the skills needed for the project is important, but one simply cannot work with people lacking certain personal traits. We’re looking for individuals who are comfortable working with others, passionate about their work and the projects they do, engaged in constant development and skills mastering. We’re not satisfied with candidates who settle for mediocrity.

pair programming

Final interview

Less than 5% of applicants pass

Time to take a step back and cautiously go through the candidate’s whole recruitment journey. We make sure that we haven’t missed anything and we compare their profile with other applicants. Having now filled all the gaps, we look at them and the results one more time, in a completely new light. We talk to teams, we talk to our clients, one last time ensuring that all of the requirements are met perfectly. If we have doubts, we dispel them here. It’s the final test, only the best contenders end it as winners.

Applicants passing the final interview are the top 5% of the talent pool we’re looking for. They join our existing product teams, they create new ones, or they become available for our clients to pick and hire as individual developers in their businesses. They excel in technology, they always crave for more, they’re passionate, they’re great with English, and they’re the guys you simply want to talk and work with.

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Marek Pałys

Marek Pałys

Expert in lean product strategy and development. Previously member of Groupon Poland Managing Team where he was responsible for product management and strategy. Now he wins new business and builds products for clients at Startup Development House.