How Scrum Team Augmentation and Body Leasing Can Help Your Business

These days, any business lacking the flexibility and efficiencies crucial to its IT department will find the world of software development a precarious one indeed. With time-frames not always certain and recruitment procedures most certainly tedio...
David Adamick
14 January 2022
6 min read
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The Future of Design and Development with Startup De...

You may be wondering, how can new technology trends affect your current software or products? Well, that’s hard to tell; but instead of thinking of a solution for it, you must think proactively whe...
Startup Development House
04 January 2022
1 min read

Cloud computing statistics for 2021 & forecasts for ...

Through cloud computing, businesses no longer need to invest in software or hardware for accessing databases, data storage, servers, networking software and such related resources. With cloud compu...
David Adamick
17 December 2021
6 min read

How to Track Memory Usage and Leaks in Node.js

For the Node.js engineer, memory leaks in an application can be a nightmare from which awakening isn't always as straightforward as crying out in the night. In fact, the longer these leaks go undet...
Dawid Pstrak
10 December 2021
5 min read

Why 3BL is Good (for) Business

Most businesses operate for gaining financial benefit -- commonly referred to as 'profit'. However, as this pure profit motive has come under increasing scrutiny over the past 25 years, initiatives...
Agata Bieniek
03 December 2021
6 min read

12 E-commerce Trends to Watch in 2022

As we see out the remaining weeks of 2021, we can look back on what will be nearly two years of accelerated innovation and transformation in the world of eCommerce. Two years during which those in ...
David Adamick
26 November 2021
9 min read

5 Easy Steps to an Effective Bug Bash

Finding bugs can be a draining experience, especially with limited resources and a small QA team. Increasingly, however, development teams are turning to the bug bash as a solution for streamlining...
Valeriia Oliinyk
17 November 2021
6 min read

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