Startups to keep an eye on during SXSW 2019

Mikołaj Tyszkiewicz
06 March 2019
4 min read

The SXSW 2019 is set to begin in just a few days. Featuring sessions, showcases, screenings, exhibitions, discussion panels and variety of networking opportunities, it enables global professionals (including web development and mobile app development companies) to meet and make unexpected discoveries. Embracing innovators and visionaries, South By Southwest creates an environment in which revolutionary ideas combine and disrupt the world we know. And startups are the main accelerators of those changes.

Here at Startup Development House, we love to talk about startups. And we know we are not the only ones! As South By Southwest is right around the corner, we would like you to bring your attention to this year’s SXSW Pitch, that will take place on Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10. The audience, together with a panel of expert judges, will uncover innovations in different sectors of emerging technologies. Featuring 80 tech companies from 10 different categories (5 finalists and 3 alternates per each category), SXSW Pitch will attract and engage masses. A selection of unique ideas represented and embraced by inspiring people – something to certainly keep an eye on! Therefore, as this exciting event is nearing and the appetites are growing, we decided to present you 10 ideas that excite us the most.

1- Derq – Artificial Intelligence

Nearly 1.25 million people die in road crashes each year, which gives on average 3,287 deaths a day! And even more people get injured or disabled. Derq, an MIT spin-off, tackles this problem with an innovative solution that aims to eliminate road accidents for both conventional and autonomous vehicles by using artificial intelligence and V2X technology. The company seeks to predict and prevent road collisions at any time, regardless of the vehicle model, autonomy and surroundings. That, ladies and gentlemen, is something definitely worth your attention!

2- Obsess – Augmented and Virtual Reality

E-commerce has developed significantly throughout last years and plays a major role in day-to-day activities. Obsess, by using web-based VR and AR, enables immersive, contextual and fully visual online shopping experiences, targeted to mobile. Experiences powered by this solution increase consumer engagement, conversion and loyalty. I am definitely looking forward to trying this out!

3- Lucidity – Blockchain

As most of the companies sooner or later go online in order to meet consumers’ demands, digital advertising is a tool that enables them to influence the public. Lucidity’s digital advertising solution is based on the blockchain protocol that brings transparency and trust. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the company aims to mitigate fraud, transact with trust and maximize ROI. A vision, in which blockchain brings transparency to the digital advertising supply chain and thus shapes a cleaner ecosystem in which honest ones benefit the most, is undoubtedly ingenious.

4- Geospiza Swift – Enterprise and Smart Data

Life protection and preservation is without a doubt an extremely important matter. By aggregating big data, Geospiza provides emergency managers, first responders and elected officials with a comprehensive, real-time picture of the dangerous situation within the community. This solution enables decision-makers to access valuable data easier and faster in order to undertake key measures that save human lives – something worth investing in.

5- Stroly – Entertainment and Content

Not anyone enjoys reading maps, but what if we had a platform that makes them more interactive and localized? Well, that is exactly what Stroly gives you. By turning maps into a marvelous mobile experience, Stroly redefines the way they are perceived. Anyone can upload and add their own maps or find maps created by others near their current location. For free!

6- Boost Biomes – Health and Wearable

Sustainable solutions are shaping the future of Earth throughout key improvements in different industries. Boost Biomes seeks to reduce the enormous waste in agricultural products caused by the diseases of high-value crops. The founders believe that harnessing the potential of microbiomes will be imperative to a future of sustainability on Earth. The first application is in agriculture - within the platform, Boost Biomes enhances agriculturally relevant microbiomes and develops safe and effective naturally-occurring microbes and consortia. Sustainable tomorrow? Seems quite possible!

7- TwentyTables – Hyper-Connected Communities

TwentyTables is a socially conscious company that connects consumers and restaurants through a mobile app that empowers customers to schedule and order dine-in or take-out meals. Moreover, while being beneficial both to clients and restaurants, at the same time TwentyTables is helping those less fortunate. To reflect this core principle, the company name embodies its charitable vision: for every twenty tables visited – that is for every twenty meals ordered - TwentyTables donates five to feed the insecure and the hungry. A noble and wonderful idea, isn’t it?

8- iAccess Innovations – Social and Culture

iAccess Innovations developed a righteous idea that aims to help people with mobility impairments. Its crowd-sourcing app allows users to rate and review the accessibility of public venues and establishments. It seeks to inspire users to pursue dreams and new adventures, live life to the fullest. iAccess makes it possible.

9- Xplosion – Sports and Performance

Sports rivalry attracts millions of people and generates huge profits. As technology advanced throughout the years, athletes have gained access to the best healthcare that aims to prevent them from having injuries. Xplosion, by providing wearable sensors, enables training staff to receive comprehensive reports about each athlete’s susceptibility to injury. Thanks to the talent and risk identification, fatigue management and finally performance and rehabilitation monitoring, athletes are under the care of staff better than ever.

10- Migo – Transportation and Delivery

Car, bus, bicycle, metro and tram – these are just some transportation options that are included in the Migo mobile app. Within just one screen, the user is served with a full spectrum of on-demand transportation choices. By showing real-time prices and waiting time estimates, Migo presents a solution that means one thing: no more switching between apps and no more apps that you use only once. Discovering the perfect ride seems now so easy, doesn’t it?

Those are some of the startups we will be looking at SXSW 2019. Let us know what you think about them, aren’t they interesting? Drop us a line:

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