A Glimpse of the Startup House Summer Company Party 2022

Jagoda Greczycho
29 September 2022
3 min read

 When you work for a remote-first company, the Summer Company Party is something you greatly anticipate the whole year through – and this year, it wasn’t any different.

At the beginning of June, our 100+-strong team convened at the Narvil Hotel located near the Narwia river with clear purposes in mind: team bonding, recognizing one another beyond our screens, and above all, just spending quality time together to recharge social batteries for the coming months.

Our organizing bees prepared several activities to fit all integration styles:

  • Bumper Ball challenge - Here, we played soccer wearing giant bubbles (Bumper Balls) and were free to do whatever it took to score a goal. By the end, we weren’t sure who had more fun - the players or the spectators 🥳.

  • Zipline - Three thrilling descents on ropes suspended between trees where the highest point was as far up as12 meters. As you can imagine, adrenaline levels also peaked, but this still wasn’t enough to stop the many daredevils among us from taking the slide!

  • Networking game - This was great for encouraging our team members across departments and domains to get to know one another. Does anyone speak Japanese? Or play the guitar? Who’s got a cat? That’s just the tip of an iceberg of questions our team had to find answers for!  

  • Recycling quiz - Here was another way of spending quality time together: taking a test for increasing awareness on how to best utilize the planet’s resources.

With a much-needed pitstop came the Startup House company presentation for an adventurous trip-down-memory lane to reminisce humble beginnings which then gave way to a thorough consideration of current achievements and long-term future plans. A presentation was both enlightening and invaluable. 

Summer Company Party is the main event in our annual schedule and was created by and for the team. As a remote organization, we ensure all effort is put into making it fully enjoyable and inclusive for all individuals who make up Startup House. For us, there is no greater purpose than getting together, talking face-to-face about favorite memes, laughing out loud, and partying ‘til dawn. And as you can see from the photos, we’ve delivered again! 

See you at the next one!

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