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The Future of Design and Development with Startup Development House

You may be wondering, how can new technology trends affect your current software or products? Well, that’s hard to tell; but instead of thinking of a solution for it, you must think proactively when designing and developing. We at Startup Development House, help businesses and organizations have long-term products with bleeding-edge technologies.
Startup Development House
04 January 2022
1 min read

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Ways to make your business more sustainable

We are currently facing one of humanity's biggest challenges - a climate crisis. It is real, and how seriously it develops is something that continues to concern us. We also wonder what we might do to minimize the effects of this crisis. Yet what we often hear is that individual action is ineffectual; that any single contribution a person makes is ultimately insignificant and futile. As a result, people are discouraged and decide instead to wait it out, hoping some heroes will save us as they did on the screens in our childhood memories. But at Startup Development House we're not discouraged. Rather, we feel empowered and hopeful, believing in change and striving to be part of it. This is why we adopted our own principles and practices to make us more sustainable, ones we continue to refine for ensuring we remain among those businesses dedicated to realizing this change. Read on to find out what steps you can take to help you make your business more sustainable.
Aneta Pałczyńska
27 August 2021
6 min read

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The importance of mental health when working from home

2020 has been, so far, a challenging year for many. The last two months have been the hardest for professionals throughout the world. One day you were sitting comfortably in an office chair. The next day, you received the news that, as of today, your home is your workplace. Working from home can feel like an incredibly overwhelming challenge to tackle. 
Aneta Pałczyńska
26 May 2020
5 min read