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Guide on tested tools and software for working remotely

With the sudden shift to remote work caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, some companies are still having a hard time doing so in a seamless way. A good part of this chaos is caused by the lack of understanding which tools to use while every single employee is working from their own home office. As Marek Pałys, our Head of Strategy points out, there are more than 150 tools just for time tracking... so it’s not at all surprising that many organisations still aren’t able to pick ones that fit their needs.
Sandra Morgan
23 March 2020
3 min read

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Tips on working from home. How to manage remote work and remote teams?

Over the course of the past few days, every other company suddenly had to become fully prepared for complete remote work across all its teams. What’s more — it seems many of them are firm advocates of its undeniably positive effects. It goes without saying that in the current epidemiological situation, in our case the COVID-19 outbreak in Poland, this type of work is the most legitimate and beneficial, for both the employees and the employer.
Sandra Morgan
19 March 2020
6 min read

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Onboard yourself. How to prepare for your first day at a new job?

After making the decision about changing your job, you’ve successfully passed the recruitment process, you know some things about the company, you’ve accepted the conditions and have already signed a contract... what next?
Michalina Grzesiak
19 February 2020
4 min read