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Startup Development House named a Top Developer by Clutch

As a full-service product house, we pride ourselves in our ability to help our clients grow through Product Discovery, Design and custom software development. That’s why we’re honored to announce that we’ve been recognized as one of the top web developers in Poland by Clutch! ​​​
Startup Development House
16 July 2020
2 min read


Startup Development House is now a certified Google Cloud Partner!

We are happy to announce that Startup Development House is now recognized as a Certified Google Cloud Partner! We are now a part of the directory of companies which have “proven technical mastery” and “demonstrated customer success using Google Cloud”.
Startup Development House
14 February 2020
1 min read


Startups to keep an eye on during SXSW 2019

The SXSW 2019 is set to begin in just a few days. Featuring sessions, showcases, screenings, exhibitions, discussion panels and variety of networking opportunities, it enables global professionals to meet and make unexpected discoveries.
Mikołaj Tyszkiewicz
06 March 2019
4 min read