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How To Validate The Idea For A Product

So... you've got an idea for a product. Well, not just an idea, but a value proposition that you think has what it takes to convert leads into paying customers. But not so fast: before you go spending all that hard-earned pre-seed capital, you'll first have to validate your idea to ensure it's going to earn you and your investors a good ROI. Here, we've done some research and have created a full guide on how to validate the idea of your product. Let's dive in.
Nigel Tsopo
09 August 2022
8 min read


Idea Validation Meaning & Process: How To Test Startup Ideas

Got a startup idea? Bring it along with a solid value proposition and together we'll determine whether your potential target audience will take it or whether they’ll let it fall by the wayside and into obscurity. When carving out an idea, it often feels as if that idea is destined to succeed -- particularly if you're passionate about it. But the reality is just as often a different matter altogether. We see many passionate founders here at Startup Development House and have learnt a thing or two about which ideas are likely to survive the harsh critiques of a mass audience. Invariably, these are ideas that have been well validated. Startups need a good business idea simply because without one they won't be able to attract funding. A good idea solves a problem and/or fulfills a certain need people have. It should be both something those people are willing to pay for and something that can be scaled.
Nigel Tsopo
05 August 2022
12 min read


Product Managers & the 4 Main Challenges They Face

As the pace of growth in information technology continues to accelerate, so does the Product Manager’s role become increasingly relevant. In turn, so too does our awareness of his or her impact on discovering, building and maintaining products. We witness the growing prominence and popularity of the Product Manager in The 2021 State of Product Management Annual Report, where it cites that even over the past year, for instance, in gender-related diversity of hired Product Managers, well-being of Product Managers, 72% of PMs claim that they are extremely satisfied in their current roles. Many people wonder whether they might rebrand themselves and seek work in the IT industry. From the outside, this may seem an idyllic career option: you know, find a great idea for a product, do some proper research, conduct your product–building team accordingly – and make some good money while you’re at it. But what does the practical side of working as a Product Manager look like? What obstacles do they encounter and what are our tips for tackling them? Let's find out.
Zuzanna Parulska
22 July 2022
5 min read